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A letter to My 18-year-old Self

I am quite the daydreamer and often think of how much I have changed since my teens. I don’t think I know the teenage me anymore. Of course, I could blame it on maturity, aging, and life. But I wish I could meet her and tell that it’s okay. She will make it, survive and find her niche. That, it’s okay if she isn’t the best. Not everyone can be that. People need to be average too but they need to be really good at being average.

Dear Nikki,
Yes, you will hear this version of your name more often, thanks to the husband. Now don’t panic. Things are really okay, good even. You have achieved a few things, lost many but you have survived. As I write to you, I hope you read this piece at least twice over as things may not sound like the stuff you’d chosen to do. Nope, there has been no murder yet though the temptation is strong. You haven’t been implicated in any crime too. Congratulations on that 😉!
Jokes apart, let’s discuss the serious stuff. You are 18. It’s a beautiful time. I love the …