Rosy Life

All day long, I stand by and watch as your day unfolds. You know I am here, but you are okay with pushing me into the background, merging me with the paraphernalia. You are a messy guy; clothes helter-skelter, a dripping sink, unwashed kettle. You give me the creeps at times. But I see you love your books, not one page is askew or dogeared.

But your food habits are another story. Dude, you need not eat that moldy, three-day-old pizza! Just order a new one and dump this one in the bin. In fact, in your absence even the pup, your furry monster has rejected it. You need to think things through. Clearly, the dog and I are not enough. So maybe do yourself a favor and call that girl? Perhaps she can get you new pizza or clean your room? 

The smell is starting to get to me. It's pungent already. Arrgh!

And please give that pile of fur a bath. Are you guys ganging up on me and want me to asphyxiate on your stench? Come on guys, I thought I was here because you wanted me to be a part of your lives? Thankfully, I am low maintenance else you’d have it! You should be grateful really. After all, in your grey, glum lives I am the one who adds color, isn’t it? I mean you don’t even leave the window open for me so that I can feel the breeze on me.

I must say, living with you is tough. Am I the only one doing all the thinking for the three of us? Clearly, you see the problem here? I am a rose plant. I need to look pretty. So stop while your moping and open that window, add some water to my pot, and talk to me.

Picture courtesy: Pinterest - Fairytale Slavery. Image used only for editorial purposes. 

P.s - Tell that pup I am not a snack!


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