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9 Things My Dog Taught Me About Life

And he has no clue…

I am guilty as charged. Per my husband, I spend every waking minute with my dog. If I am watching TV, he’s by my feet, if we plan an impromptu drive, he wants to come along, and at times, we do take him. My evening walks happen only because I have to take him. My social life is all thanks to him. And if you happen to mention the dog at a social gathering, I can go on and on about the pup even if we have nothing in common otherwise. Hell, I started an Instagram page just for the dog on popular demand!

I can assure you, though the husband isn’t convinced, that its all the dog’s doing. His popularity has only grown over the years, and who can resist those googly puppy eyes? He works his charm on all, irrespective of age, gender (partial to women though), color, and caste. He’s gentle with kids, super active with people who can keep up, he’s sensitive, always ready to share food (only yours) and so much more. His licks and cuddles have the power to melt glaciers and his zest for life… well, he lives through each day as if it were his last!

Bolt has a lot to offer. So, I got thinking the other day and thought it wise to jot down everything I have learned from him over the six years that we have known each other.

Here goes:

Carpe Diem

Perhaps the best lesson ever! Although Bolt has a routine and prefers to stick with it, he approaches his daily walk like its brand new. He will go sniffing at every tire, bush or people he meets as if it is the first time. He teaches me that every day is a new day. The excitement levels never die down, and the happiness derived in discovering each sunrise and sunset is the same!

Give everyone the benefit of the doubt

We are quick to judge people, compartmentalizing, and labeling them. Well, Bolt has only one label — friend! Yeah, everyone who comes home or rings the bell, he wants to get to know them and befriend them. Even strangers on the street, if they have met him once, they are friends in his eyes. All he asks for is to give him a chance to let him show you how unbiased and loving he is with a few licks thrown it!

Hold no grudges

Life is too short for grudges, right? I mean we waste so much time plotting things in our head as to how we can demean or belittle the ones we hold a grudge! It just starts a vicious cycle that has no end. Instead, be like the pup. He could be upset, angry even but a biscuit, a cookie, a few loving pats can solve everything. Everyone deserves many, many chances as per the dog.

Be yourself, always

There is no point in trying to please anyone, and I mean, anyone! I have wasted my 20s thinking if I did what other people liked, I would get them to like me. Sorry, that never happened, and I was the only one disappointed and heartbroken. But in my years that I have had the pup, he reminds me each day that he is going to do precisely what he wants, i.e., bat-shit crazy each time the doorbell rings. He is himself, always. He isn’t changing or taking his enthusiasm a notch down or wearing booties or tees just to fit in. So yeah, I speak my mind more often and do precisely as I please.

Enjoy the simple pleasures

Life has so much to offer, but we complicate things by piling up so many expectations. We want to travel, eat gourmet food, follow the latest trends, get a promotion blah, blah, blah. In this whole process, we are only running to achieve things, never stopping to indulge in real experiences. Unlike you and I, the pup enjoys mostly everything he does, and he takes his own sweet time. You can’t rush him. He loves the small trips to the big park, little ice cream treats, meeting other dogs and rolling in the grass.

And I don’t remember the last time; I sat down in the grass soaking up the sun and doing nothing!

Sleep a lot

And I mean a lot! Bolt’s answer to every trouble is taking a snooze. I think this is an excellent idea as sleeping does clear the head 😉 Plus, it’s good for the health, not oversleeping but sleeping on time is!

Try everything!

We are all bound by our fears. They are irrational. Stepping out of our comfort zone has stopped many of us to seek what we may be good at in life. But the pup doesn’t know this and is always up for a new game or challenge. He tries it all. He may be scared at first, but he needs to see it or experience it till the end to decide whether or not he wants a part of it. So, if he can do it, why can’t we?

Be the loyal and most dependable friend

Life is full of trial and tribulations. Our relationships and friendships are often based on similarities, job status, societal status, and so much more. But is that even real friendship? Bolt is loyal to a fault. Yeah, he is a dog, and he is supposed to be faithful, but his bond with humans and other dogs is not based on status, money, or anything. He wants to be a friend. He is cool with sharing his stuff, and yeah, he is there for you at your worst even if he doesn’t completely understand it. He is dependable too.

Love unconditionally

As humans, we can’t match this, and that’s why God sent us dogs! This is the area they excel in and no matter what, they will love you. Even if you leave them back home to study abroad, they will love you more when you come back! Bolt greets his best friend and his girlfriend as if he is falling more & more in love with them each day. He doesn’t expect the same back. Its only giving and not a transactional relationship, unless you have biscuits.

Okay, So you have already guessed that I hold my dog in the utmost regard and yes, he is the apple of my eye. As you read or quick-read through my dog-worship post, I must tell you that he has helped me through the darkest of times. And all he had to give me were licks, unconditional cuddling, and be in the same room as me. So, now, you know!

P.s - this post was originally published on Medium. Read it here and if you do love dogs, you should follow us on Instagram - Struck By Bolt


  1. Lovely post. Made me miss my pup more. They truly come and change you in ways you could have never imagined. And they open various compartments of your heart..ones which u didnt even know existed. They really teach u so much. Really miss it.

    1. Absolutely :) They are so much more! I am lucky to have Bolt in my life. Get a pup soon :) No one can replace old T but a new puppers can bring much joy.


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