Letters To The Unbeloved #9

Picture Courtesy: Google Images. Image used only for editorial representation.

Dear two-faced-girl,

You were highly recommended. I had only recently broken up with yet another girl who seemed to be my ‘one and only’ and was wasting away. I had lost all hope of ever finding the ‘right’ one until my friend who couldn’t bear to look at my sad face, recommended you. You seemed perfect from the word go.

Remember our first date? We hit it off – the park was the perfect setting. The awkward moments were swallowed by your giggles thanks to my silly dog who decided that the jogging park was the ideal place to take a dump. I thought I would lose you then. But you apparently had room for the weird. So strong are your memories of the park that I have never been able to go back to it, and the poor dog must make do with the car park for his dump site.

Do you ever wonder what went wrong? I think we both were polite, to begin with, and slowly opened up to each other. I talked to you about my day, and you spoke volumes about the people you hated at work. It seemed perfect until our last date. I did not know then, on the morning of that beautiful day in spring, that it would be the last time ever for us. Our dinner date was fixed. The restaurant we chose together was perfect. We had plans for a movie post deserts too. If only you had come clean before… I would have tried to make it work for us.

Why did you ever have to order a salad only to eat my precious French fries off my plate? If only you could keep your hands to yourself! I NEVER SHARE FOOD.

P.s. I hope you have learned to order your own food and eat it too.

Yours sincerely,
The-boy-who-never-shares-fries (not Joe).  


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