Together forever

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Photo by Pok Rie from Pexels

Rising and ebbing, never ceasing or slowing,
We sail unto the sun glowing,
With no path to follow, floating away,
Like no oblivion in sight, you make my heart sway.

Then like a mirthless being,
Rose the mountain of lies,
Your face, emotionless,
I don’t know what it belies.

You stare right at me as if hell froze.
Pacing restlessly as I gaze over.

Like a raging storm over a calm sea,
Your colour changes from anger to glee.
Wee-wee goes the wind,
Reminding me of all I have sinned.

The salt in the air pricks my eyes,
You look away and ignore my cries.

A thunder crashes above us,
A bolt of lightning alighting the path,
Alas, no land in sight,
But I hear the death knoll just.

Home, at last, we sink not sail.


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