Miss Hawa Hawai forever...

I am a Madhuri Dixit fan. I grew up mimicking her latkas and jhatkas of the 90s. From HAKHK to DTPH, I knew all the dance moves. In fact, my friend Aditi and I would give up on our playtime and perfect her dance moves every summer vacation. But this is not about Madhuri Dixit.

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This Sunday, as usual, I woke up late and the first thing dad announced that Sridevi has passed away. I poo-pooed it right away, dismissing it as a hoax. You see I had no reason to believe that she could die just like that because I had been stalking her Instagram accounts and all the hashtags people come up with when at celebrity weddings. She was dancing with the couple, looking resplendent in her Manish Malhotra finery. Plus, she was fit and beautiful. Life was fair at her end or, so I thought.

Only it wasn’t. I was one of those kids who had watched Mr India time and time again. But it wasn’t for the invisible man or the uber cool gadgetry. It was for Miss Hawa Hawai. I remember watching that song repeatedly. Only I never danced to this song. Why? Because I was never trying to memorise her steps but was merely in awe of this crazy, larger than life persona I saw come to life on TV.

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I loved Lamhe and Chandni. Sridevi dancing to Mere haatho mein mein nau nau chudiyan hai and morni baga ma, made up many of my dance performance routines. In fact, recently I had been playing all her songs in the loop on Youtube and reliving her dance steps. Sridevi in Chalbaaz was beyond brilliant too; playing both the ultra-shy, Anju and the feisty Manju with equal panache. She was perfect.

When I couldn’t imitate her, I pacified myself saying she was way before my time. I had my Madhuri Dixit. But Sridevi could not be ignored. She was the perfect vamp in Judai and an ideal housewife in English Vinglish.

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Her sudden passing is beyond shocking and now the Indian media, being who they are, casting many aspersions on her husband and her many surgeries, just makes me realise that we did not deserve her. News of her death ruined my Sunday even though I am no crazy fan.

But I want to remember her as the Sridevi I knew – effervescent, vivacious, a danseuse pas excellence, a powerhouse of expressions and a superstar she was and will always remain. I hope her family finds strength and peace to be without her now. 

Leaving you with my favourite song of her, Miss Hawa Hawai:


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