Letters to the Unbeloved #7

Dear Tickles,

My first impression of you was 'hate', no actually it was an annoyance. I hated you. You replaced me in many ways – gifts were given to you, new dishes were made for you, clothes, accessories and the works. I was constantly told nothing would change and my authority would never dull. But then, these were just empty words and as soon as you stepped in, everything was forgotten.

You worried me too. You were weird. Your choice of food was tasteless but you never cared to share or ask me. Rude was your second name. Blah. Then I got used to your presence. You offered to share too. We found time for each other. Chatted and exchanged sweet nothings. Thanks to my great sense of humour, you always cracked up. Though we had a shaky start, we became friends and relied on each other. But good things never last, do they?

I am never the one to intrude or interfere but hello… that girl whose doll’s head I took a bite off, is your new best friend? And thanks to that stupid, tasteless doll, I can’t join you in playing house? WHATEVER.

P.s. every time you both eat biscuits; your tummies will ache. I am watching you.

Yours sincerely,

Ignored-first-child-of-the-house-Boozy, the pup.


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