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Wordless Wednesday #9: Caption this pic

I was in Silvassa recently. After resting for a day at our resort, we, a family of beach bums, headed to the nearest beach in Daman. After spending the entire afternoon at Jampore beach, we set out to explore the Daman Ganga pier. Fortunately for us, the pier was still empty save for a few couples and families busy taking selfies with the I Love Daman installation.
I took the above picture at the very spot. Do you see what I see? We are on the waterfront. But everyone is busy with ‘selfies’. While I am also addicted to clicking pictures, especially of the dog, I hate the selfie menace.
What do you think when you see people clicking selfies relentlessly? Do caption this pic!

Miss Hawa Hawai forever...

I am a Madhuri Dixit fan. I grew up mimicking her latkas and jhatkas of the 90s. From HAKHK to DTPH, I knew all the dance moves. In fact, my friend Aditi and I would give up on our playtime and perfect her dance moves every summer vacation. But this is not about Madhuri Dixit.

This Sunday, as usual, I woke up late and the first thing dad announced that Sridevi has passed away. I poo-pooed it right away, dismissing it as a hoax. You see I had no reason to believe that she could die just like that because I had been stalking her Instagram accounts and all the hashtags people come up with when at celebrity weddings. She was dancing with the couple, looking resplendent in her Manish Malhotra finery. Plus, she was fit and beautiful. Life was fair at her end or, so I thought.
Only it wasn’t. I was one of those kids who had watched Mr India time and time again. But it wasn’t for the invisible man or the uber cool gadgetry. It was for Miss Hawa Hawai. I remember watching that song repeatedly…

Together forever

Wordless Wednesday #8: Caption this pic!

Tired of pigeon invasions for over a decade, my parents covered our grilled windows further with a wired net. However, I was against it, so my window was spared. No pigeon maternity wards are cropping up, thankfully. But I miss the birds, especially the tiny sunbirds that flew in attracted by the flowers and the occasional bulbul or parrots on fed on the birdfeeder. Even the flowers suffered. The elegant roses rebelled and stuck their stems out of the wiring. Now they bloom outside of our reach. The not-so-smart hibiscus is yet to catch up. Here’s how it struggles.

As I continue to rant my loss of freedom, do share what thoughts this picture brings to your mind!

Letters to the Unbeloved #7

Dear Tickles,
My first impression of you was 'hate', no actually it was an annoyance. I hated you. You replaced me in many ways – gifts were given to you, new dishes were made for you, clothes, accessories and the works. I was constantly told nothing would change and my authority would never dull. But then, these were just empty words and as soon as you stepped in, everything was forgotten.
You worried me too. You were weird. Your choice of food was tasteless but you never cared to share or ask me. Rude was your second name. Blah. Then I got used to your presence. You offered to share too. We found time for each other. Chatted and exchanged sweet nothings. Thanks to my great sense of humour, you always cracked up. Though we had a shaky start, we became friends and relied on each other. But good things never last, do they?
I am never the one to intrude or interfere but hello… that girl whose doll’s head I took a bite off, is your new best friend? And thanks to that stupid, t…

Of Daak naams and bhalo naams

Eons ago, on my first trip to Kolkata, our train, the slow Howrah express had come to a stop for a good two hours, right before entering the station. It was a frustrating wait what after 36 hours of a train journey from Mumbai to Howrah. It was a time when AC trains were a luxury and so everyone made peace with sweat odours mingled with food smells and what not. Long and arduous as it was, some stupid signal was inciting my restlessness even more. Nonetheless, we had to wait as there was no other option. The only thing that kept me going was that my then-favourite cousin was expecting to receive us on the platform.
On the journey, I had befriended a couple of kids who belonged to one of many many Bengali families travelling with us. The little boy was super cute but naughty. Like me, he too wanted to rush out of the compartment. So along with my sister, his older brother, he and I were hanging onto the window. Suddenly, he started to yell, “Pompa… O Pompa…” I was horrified. Whatever th…

Wordless Wednesday #6: Caption this pic

Did I tell you, I am attracted to the sea? I am a beach bum if that is a nice way of putting it. I took this picture while on a small boat ride. It was nothing special nor was it a long ride. It was just 15 minutes of quiet, as the boat bobbed up and down the undecided waves.

The color of this lifebuoy is what got me staring at it. The weatherbeaten swim ring seems to have many little tales of its own. Although I regret, I never stuck along to know more. While I could write (read: cook up) reams around this bouy, what would you say? Do share your ideas for a caption!

Letters to the Unbeloved #6

Dear love of my life,
I still remember our very first meeting – your tear-stained cheeks and your vomit-soaked frilly frock in Kindergarten day 1. You had cried your eyes out. It was only later when I offered my extra biscuit to you that you started talking to me. Our friendship was based on food, sharing crayons and innocent hand-holding during PT class.
Over the years, our love for food turned into crazy experiments, and we even burnt a part of your mum’s kitchen. Even your folks had come to accept me as a permanent fixture in your life as we began and ended our days together. From kindergarten to school and then to high school, our friendship evolved. Your empty threats of making me your rakhi brother never failed to freak me out. 
I wanted more than friendship. And the year we turned 17, I thought we were ready for the transition. I only wish I had never let you go on that camping trip with your girlfriends. I should have never let you break our deal of trying rafting together. And …

Letters to the Unbeloved #5

Dear Ms. I-am-a-feminist-when-it-suits-me,
Your beguiling eyes got to me through your display picture on the now-defunct social media network. It was love at first sight for me. Fortunately, you reciprocated my feelings, and we began our journey as girlfriend-boyfriend. You were everything I never knew I wanted in my girlfriend – feisty, witty, smart, intelligent, warm, caring and of course, a master manipulator.
I loved the fact that you chose me as your confidante and shared your concerns and the dreams of future. Only I never to be a part of your goals or your future. All was well until your journalism projects were done and dusted for which I ran across government offices to seek permissions on your behalf and then drove you around to complete your work. I became a stalker overnight. Without any rhyme or reason, you shut me out. When I stood below your window or drove by your home, you threatened me to have me arrested.
P.s. I hope you have met your match in your ‘sansanikhez’ husban…