Letters to the 'Unbeloved' #2

Picture courtesy: Google Images - Twist-o-treat. Image used only for editorial purposes. The copyright lies with the original artist.

Dear ‘girl of my dreams’,

For the entire first year in engineering, I focused on you in class instead of derivation and integration math. I knew your timetable better than I knew mine. Your obsession with kala-khatta ice gola was cute too. Your smile, your long hair, your eyes most of all…they dazzled my senses for the longest time. However, good things don’t always last. If only… I’d never heard you talk! You tried too hard to convince anyone who would listen that you had perfect British accent after your fortnight-long vacation in London’s South Hall.

Are you still waiting for the Queen to call on you for tea?

Yours sincerely,

Whatever-was-I-thinking-then-stalker ex


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