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Wordless Wednesday #5: Caption this pic!

I hate pink. Not a great way to start the blog piece, no? Well, this colour reminds me of everything I don't associate myself with. Yet, it is beautiful, especially when found out of the blue (or should I say, pink?) like this lone boungainvilla flower. 
So tell me, how would you describe this picture? Its just grass and a flower petal and not a special one at that.

Letters to the Unbeloved #4

Dear puppy love,
Your undivided attention was a brand-new feeling. I felt sought-after, even beautiful. I looked forward to the constant group dates and stolen kisses, watching films you liked, hanging out with your friends even though I had a lot of reading to catch up on... I felt alive and thrived as I thought you loved me in my worn kurta and Kolhapuri chappals. Your confusion over me moving to a prestigious girls college was cute too. Little did I know it was only a fa├žade.
The constant pressure of wearing makeup, heels and short skirts bored me to death. You were relentless in the quest to box me. When you blamed me for meeting a new boy in a girl's college, I should have dumped you then.
Still, we could have carried on, evolved too had you not flung my books.  P.s. I prefer dogs – puppy or not, over you.
Yours sincerely, The-girl-who-dumped-you-for-books!

Wordless Wednesday #4: Caption this pic!

I am fascinated by crows. I find them mysterious, cunning and very intelligent. In the past, I have written about them in my morbid fiction stories too. So, if like me, you find them enchanting, give this picture a thought and share what comes to your mind...

I call them a 'Murder of crows' - maybe they are plotting a kill!

Letters to the Unbeloved #3

Dear ‘Ailurophile’,

I was charmed by your sensitivity. Your words were like music to me; I wanted to wake up to its delicate rhythm and sleep to its gentle notes as your words lulled me into a deep slumber. Everything seemed perfect as if straight out of a book. But then perfection is an illusion, isn’t it? Unlike your cats who may or may not have had nine lives, you had three.

I hope your broken nose hurts you like hell from time to time.

Thankfully never yours,

The-Girl-who-saw-right-through-you ex

Wheeling down the memory lane: Heritage Transport Museum Review

Have you ever wondered where and how the ‘wheel’ as we know it, came to be? Did you know - cycles made an appearance in India only in 1890? Were you aware that pre-machine age man used not just one but a variety of handcarts and palanquins to commute from one place to another? Don’t know the answers? Don’t bother with Google, just get set to visit the first of its kind Transport Museum in Gurgaon!

Nestled amongst the lush green farms in Taoru, Gurgaon, the Heritage Transport Museum is an eclectic building in ochre, spread across 90,000 square feet and houses a mix of the pre-modern era and modern era cars, and other modes of transport. With a limousine, a yellow-black cab and a couple of bullock carts welcoming you in, it definitely sets the tone of what to expect inside! A unique feature of this museum is that it does not merely educate its audience, but also interacts with them at the same time. This is a critical aspect for children who cringe at the idea of exploring museums. But…

Letters to the 'Unbeloved' #2

Dear ‘girl of my dreams’,
For the entire first year in engineering, I focused on you in class instead of derivation and integration math. I knew your timetable better than I knew mine. Your obsession with kala-khatta ice gola was cute too. Your smile, your long hair, your eyes most of all…they dazzled my senses for the longest time. However, good things don’t always last. If only… I’d never heard you talk! You tried too hard to convince anyone who would listen that you had perfect British accent after your fortnight-long vacation in London’s South Hall.
Are you still waiting for the Queen to call on you for tea?
Yours sincerely,
Whatever-was-I-thinking-then-stalker ex

Letters to the 'Unbeloved' #1

Dear ‘never meant to be’,
That day at the station, five years ago, I did see you - your patent plaid shirt that you insisted was ‘checks’ with your bell-bottomed jeans, sipping your ‘nth’ cutting chai. That train ticket you sent me lies nestled in one of the many books in my library as a bookmark – old, earmarked and forgotten-to-be discovered again. I still think fondly of you, and often, I thank my stars that like you, I did not board that train. I thought you loved me enough to know me well. Yes, I did think for a while that we could be together but not only were we poles apart, I’d never travel in a sleeper class.
Hope life has treated you well since.
Yours sincerely,

Way-out-of-your-league ex

Winter warmth

Picture courtesy: George Fletcher Photography. Picture used only for editorial purposes and the copyright lies with the artist. Found this on Google for 'winter warmth'.
In the spring of life, Promises mushroomed, Of hearts in heat, Festering feeling of love, Fading away in the wet rains, Never to be kept, Yet remembered with fondness, Thawing the chilled hearts,

Wordless Wednesday #3: Caption this pic!

I love the slight nip in the Mumbai air. Although I am a true Mumbaikar at heart, I have come to love winters thanks for four years in Gurgaon, i.e. I don't dread it anymore. A couple of years back, the husband and I took off to Kasauli for a long weekend. The lush greenery and mountains come alive each time I think of the place. I am waiting to go back... someday soon. Here is a shot I took en route the Gilbert Trail.

What comes to your mind when you look at the picture? Share your thoughts!