A quick Christmas Getaway to Alibag

The in-laws made an appearance in my city for Christmas, and we quickly packed ourselves off to Alibag, along with them of course!

Being Christmas, a super festival season, we somehow managed to book ourselves into a so-called three-star resort Ravi Kiran on Rewas Road in Alibag. Well, I won't say the rooms were disappointing, but the service was pretty shoddy and caused the husband to want to strangle the staff.

Also, I think I should write a post on folks who travel from North India to West or South of India. First of all, we are in the west, i.e. Mumbaikars. Things are way different regarding culture, climate, humidity, cleanliness, crowd and of course, food. No, Rajma is not the most-preferred food on this side of the country, especially if you happen to be in Alibag. Lol. Well, I will leave this for another time and post.

Thankfully, the climate was cold enough to visit beaches. We made an early morning visit to Varsoli beach, and it was lovely. Fortunately, it was spotless, and the water was cold. Also, because we were early, there was hardly a crowd. So we lazed around, strolled a bit, played in the water and simply relaxed. We also ate Kande-pohe, omelettes and 'chaha'  at the roadside stall. The Inlaws were not impressed but had no complaints either.

The Nadgaon beach was a mess. Actually, we left for the destination really late, and it took us an hour to get there in our rickety rickshaw. The way to the beach was crowded beyond imagination and strewn with litter. If you are a seafood lover, you will get many options here. The beach was in complete darkness, so we saw nothing.

The highlight of our trip was feeding the seagulls on the ferry ride back to Mumbai. Here is a quick video:


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