13 Steps to Bloody Good Marks: In conversation with author Ashwin Sanghi

In August of this year, I was fortunate to meet famous Indian English author Ashwin Sanghi. He is compared to Dan Brown of the Dan Vinci Code fame due to his books The Rozabal Line and The Krishna Key. When I asked him, he had no qualms about it and was happy to have been linked.

For him, reading began as a challenge that his maternal grandfather threw at him since the beginning. By the time he was 10, he was reading books that were much advanced for his young years. His reading material was a combination of comics, children’s books, his mother’s love for racy and popular fiction novels, and the history books, encyclopedias, Upanishads etc. sent to him by Nana.

The author admitted that he was an average student but realised much later that acquiring knowledge doesn’t just come from academic books or faring well in school and college. In his latest book 13 Steps to Bloody Marks, a guide he co-authored with Ashok Rajani, he talks about parents and kids can make their academic life interesting, and score better.

Here is his entire interview:


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