My own slice of nature

When I moved to Gurgaon in 2011, what I really loved the city was that it had so much space! There were gardens (in every sector), trees lined the roads, and my marital home was lined with flowering plants. I guess living in Mumbai; an uber urban jungle always had me longing for space, especially a little green nook for myself.

I achieved this briefly when I moved into my rented place, but then we moved to Mumbai again. Back home in Mumbai, we have plants on every window. The almost-floor length French windows in every room let in a lot of natural light, and of course, many birds come visiting. However, the pigeons being feral, they built their nests and ruined everything. To be rid of them my folks put up wired netting to stop from pigeons making maternity homes on our windows.

This stopped all others birds too. But I had hope as I did not allow my entire window to be covered. So the birds can come but won’t access to space to build nests. So far, no maternity nests J

Recently, I realised that all flowering plants – buttercup, hibiscus and roses attract tiny Sunbirds and Parrots. It was the prettiest sight ever. It made me feel great as if I had done something right.

I added a birdfeeder. Filled with Bajra, I awaited the birds much to my pup’s chagrin. He abhors sharing any kind of food. Also, my previous tryst with the birdfeeder on my window had rats eating up the whole thing and keeping us awake the entire night. But this time round… Pigeons came. Yay!

I also spotted a tiny yellow butterfly. Really inconsequential, I know but these little things give me immense happiness. My own slice of nature.


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