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My own slice of nature

When I moved to Gurgaon in 2011, what I really loved the city was that it had so much space! There were gardens (in every sector), trees lined the roads, and my marital home was lined with flowering plants. I guess living in Mumbai; an uber urban jungle always had me longing for space, especially a little green nook for myself.
I achieved this briefly when I moved into my rented place, but then we moved to Mumbai again. Back home in Mumbai, we have plants on every window. The almost-floor length French windows in every room let in a lot of natural light, and of course, many birds come visiting. However, the pigeons being feral, they built their nests and ruined everything. To be rid of them my folks put up wired netting to stop from pigeons making maternity homes on our windows.

This stopped all others birds too. But I had hope as I did not allow my entire window to be covered. So the birds can come but won’t access to space to build nests. So far, no maternity nests J

Recently, I re…

Europa by Hywel Richard Pinto. A book review.

Book: Europa Author: Hywel Richard Pinto Published by: Story Mirror Infotech Pages: 198
Summary: The year is 2250, and we are witness to a historical trial of one of the Silver Fleet’s youngest and most promising captains - Captain Richard Sparks, who has been accused of murdering a fellow crewmember during the Silver Star’s lengthy trip to Jupiter’s moon – Europa. But the crew is divided as to whether the Captain is to be blamed for the fiasco or whether there was a bigger conspiracy on board?

Can another murder on board the Silver Star be attributed to the unusual mission that the ship is on? Does someone want the crew of the Silver Star to fail in their mission to locate one of her sister ships, reportedly lost near Europa? And just how many of the team can Captain Richard Sparks trust, if he is to be believed as being innocent?
Meanwhile, a shadowy organisation back on Earth contends with a dangerous, corrupt and ambitious Indian politician, with the Europa mission being used as the cou…

Karma, Dharma and Dress code: Why what I wear cannot decide anything about me!

Warning: Long post ahead. 
I recently read a post by Ms Kavya Sharma on Youth Ki Awaaz. She was belittled and shouted at, early in the morning because she chose to read The Mahabharata on her metro journey to college. What was wrong you ask? Her mistake was to read the ‘sacred’ text while wearing a skirt and blouse. She was deemed anti-religious, sanskaar-less and what not. In fact, the certain aunty national who brought her misconduct to attention pointed out that she was demeaning ‘Hinduism’ and even went on to say that her parents had taught her nothing.
Dear Kavya, you are not alone. As people (regardless what age-group) who happen to live in this time and age, we have faced shit and a barrage of insults all because of how we dress. We are the one who attracts miscreants in our jeans and T-shirts, salwar suits and sarees. And sacrilege… if we happen to wear shorts or skirts. It is us who with our mobile phones and forward thoughts lure rapists.

Politicians, babas, policemen and wom…

#Sorry not sorry

I feel sorry for ‘Sorry’ – such an abused term. When you come to think of it, it is just a word, right? It holds significance in some instance and at times, it is a mere excuse. But we humans absolutely love it as an excuse, don’t we? I use this term a lot; I mean a lot! I think of myself as a kind being, and hence, if I happen to push or ignore (deliberate), I say ‘sorry’. I say sorry for things that may not need a ‘sorry’. I say ‘sorry’ to people I am not really feeling sorry for (don’t read this the wrong way). In short, I say ‘sorry’ a lot like I have already admitted. It is my ticket to moving on, a ticket to redeem myself for mistakes and sometimes, tinged with slight sadness (maybe).

But is ‘Sorry’ the right word? Mean, is it even appropriate? Like they say, first you commit the murder and then say sorry. What is the point of it? I would say nothing. Sorry – the term originated from the West Germanic term Sore that evolved to Sarig, meaning pained or distressed. It is also known…