Mind vs the heart

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Standing on the highway,
Roads leading both ways to somewhere,
I stand still and wonder,
Where do I belong?

The soothing lullabies of the green mist fairies call. 
With promises to wrap me in the cool calm fog,
Holding me in wet, gentle caresses, lulling the storm within. 

The call of the shrill, salt-laden sea sirens, 
from the sun-baked rocks, Pull me back
To join them as they make me one,
in the fathomless abyss of wonders unseen. 

I lament my fragile being, 
Born with one heart, not two,
Torn between the ebb and flow of waves,
And earthy scents in muddy dew. 

Both offer me refuge, 
Cloaking me whole in their embrace,
Dust to dust, flesh to flesh and
soul to soul. 

In this battle between the mind and the heart,
The heart but loses steam, 
Leaving me stranded on a path to nowhere, never to be seen. 

My mind has been wrought with depression and all things crappy. This is a result of binge-watching a dystopian TV series - Man in the High Castle. Creepy stuff. 


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