Guilty promises

 Her eyes, those big orbs of hazel, nestled in the caramel-like outer circle, were bewitching. He could stare at them all day. They were warm and inviting. When he saw her looking at him or she looked up at him, his heart ached… how the hell did he ever get so lucky?

Her eyes were his secret maze – he would get lost in them often, in solitude. They intrigued him as if wondering what was on her mind. Did she think of him often? Did he occupy all her thoughts?

Her soulful gaze never failed to weaken him.

Leaving for work, he felt sorry; for her as well as himself. He felt a sharp pain of guilt overcome his senses. He almost shut the door but stopped and turned around. “Darling, I am so sorry but I have to go. This is a work thing and you know our lives depend on it. But I promise you, I will spend more time with you. I will take you on the hiking trip I have been talking about for ages this weekend. Please… I mean it! Take care and see you soon…”

Saying his goodbyes, he shut the door and walked to his car, his heart heavy.

As soon as the door shut, Mirabel, his 4-year old chocolate lab, yawned. She stood up and stretched. Drank some water from her water bowl and sniffed at her lunch. Jumping onto the forbidden couch, she made herself comfortable.

She had won this round. 

Mirabel: 1 Human: 0


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