A look by chance

A single look mattered. 
A glance, a gaze, a glimpse, not gaping.
I would if I could, gawk, but you never stood there long enough. 

Looking straight at me, you walked by. 
Never smiling yet your eyes smiled. 
A second here or a half a minute there. Never more. 

The summer sun kissed your skin, 
You glided by, embracing the warmth on your bare arms. Tanned, they spoke volumes about your day. 

We never missed each other. I, always standing where I did and you, always walking by when you did. 

Then the heavens above now bored by our routine, poured down, slowing the day. A rumble of thunder, followed by a bolt of lightning but not you. 

The crowded street was a blur. Sounds of water splashing, cars rushing and raindrops pelting drowned my longing for you. 

Then fate had a change of heart and the sun made an appearance as did you at the window. 

Today the smiling eyes were joined by your smile. 


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