In retrospect...

The sky outside is dark, silent but loud.
With no bird, bee nor star in sight,
The indigo clouds stealthily move about in the night.

In the abyss of my soul, the battered heart lingers on under a shroud.
Despite no cheer, love nor hope color my plight,
Yet, medleys of devious emotions inside threaten to spite.

Time lapses as the moon and the stars cure the dark.
With a deep ache within I envy the night,

As my little star died but with a fight.


  1. A very emotional piece on the loss of the unborn

  2. @Pranju Thank you. I have read your comment over and over again but could not reply earlier.

    1. A reply after a year😊 you have me revisit the poem again with a better clarity after a year of ups and downs.

  3. :) Thank you again. Yes, its been a very weird year. I can't say much about the ups but the downs have taken their toll. I am in a better frame of mind than before so I guess life goes on. How have you been?

  4. I am doing just fine and have realized how learning to float amidst the ups and downs , the crests and troughs of life is the key to lead a worthwhile life.

    Nice to see you back in this blogosphere. :)


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