A world without religion would be a great place to live in, won't it be?

Long ago in class IX, I sat filling a form in my calendar to be submitted to the admin department. Nervous as I was, I took longer to fill the dumb form but my partner was already scribbling things in he notebook. She was done ages ago. So I asked her to let me copy. I remember these details clearly as I was super surprised!

She wrote –

Religion – not religious
Mother Tongue – Pink
Annual Income of parents – Sufficient.

These simple details shocked me. I mentioned punishment to her what with us being in a convent school with prayers being conducted thrice each day. But no, she wouldn’t budge. She was like, ‘believe me, no one is going to notice!’. And no one did. For the silly me, this was way too radical for my time. I wanted to be sure of my religion.

Today, I feel differently.

Religion – a word today that spells terror, phobia, misunderstanding, intolerance and of course, terrorism. We have been raised to believe in our faith and respect the others. But nothing of this sort is happening or will ever happen as it seems now. Too much has been said and done in the name of God and religion.

What was the way of life, a doctrine for hope, has been stashed away as something so inaccessible to the common man that we now have to resort to extremism to prove ourselves to be believers. And God forbid, what if the proof isn’t enough?

I am angry like so many others. I am not Islam-phobic. I am not faith phobic (if that is a word), but I am beginning to think otherwise. This is not a world I want to grow old in or raise a kid. I’d rather hope for a peaceful world without any religion.

I wrote this post on Speaking Tree sometime back - A world without religion would be a great place to live in! and this it is very apt for our times. 

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. People need religion,Religion is the opium of masses,I do understand that when you said peaceful world without any religion.

    But it will be chaos,we as a human race were barbarians,but religion gave us order ,fear of god, no matter how many atrocities we conduct in name of god, the larger masses are in control because of religion.

    Even in Islam the radicals are hardly in thousands where 1.2 billion are living a good religious life,it applies to all religions.

    In twitter,major media people need news so they manufacture news,or give limelight to such maniacs, but majority are like you I think those who want world to be a safe and happy place.

  2. @Kalyan

    A very poignant thought, Kalyan. But saying, 'People need religion, and that religion is the opium of the masses,' seems more like an addiction whose withdrawal symptoms would be unbearable.

    Of course, at some level we may need religion but only to connect with the almighty directly and not through some man-made rules/regulations/rituals. Radicals are present everywhere and in everyone one. The problem is with their approach.

  3. It is true that humans are animals, barbarians for whom religion was essential. Rules were made to limit this beast, and fear was instilled from something unknown, unseen.
    I'm not going to advocate the fact that humans have evolved enough to question religion.. But will only try and shine light on the fact that religion itself has not evolved with human beings. It is this difference that is building a huge gap between the understanding of a fanatic bombing and killing innocents 'in the name of God'.
    This is where the gap is. If our understanding was on the same level we would be a much peaceful race creating religion, adopting religion only to make ourselves a better person, not a mindless brainwashed suicide bomber.

  4. Organised religion is the worst thing to happen to mankind. Almost all the religious texts, not only sanction terror, but also advocate it. Of course, nobody wants to acknowledge the elephant in the room. And everyone prefers to be an ignorant pseudo-intellectual when it comes to 'faith'.
    Before one claims that humans 'need' religion to survive, one should do a favour on humanity and read the religious texts he/she tries to defend (and fails miserably).
    The perfect example of ignorance is the comment of Kalyan where he says that, 'radicals are hardly in thousands'. There are millions of Islamic radicals. a simple google search will answer all the questions.

  5. I 'm attarcted by the short witty statements.
    Matter of fact though.There are times when the column for Religion & caste was left blank or struck.

    Indeed I agree with your points on the state of affairs . Years ago no one cared but today its pretty intrusive to be asking someone their religion. But sadly it matters much now. Even the Gods would be longing to go away. Or have they vanished and gone ?

  6. Today morning as i was travelling to work, i saw a co-traveller wearing a wrist band made of rudraksh and little ceramic cubes depicting a picture of a particular Saint-God. I wondered whether this was necessitated by the 'evil spirits' which hovered on a possibly impending examination paper or just so that she feels safe travelling on locals which could be blown up one beautiful day because of some extremist outburst.. or maybe to keep her secure from the many lecherous eyes that she consciously and nervously chooses to ignore. I told myself if it gives her the reason to move on, i guess we should let it be, however silly it seems. But then it is this silly desire of belonging to a faith that gains incongruous proportions.. What to do.. God made man. Man made religions. Thus Man, Religion and Gods divided us - us who could have otherwise been free souls - married whoever we liked, sat and chatted with each other without hold ups.. without having to inquire about religions.. without preconceived notions. What a life it would have been!! :)


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