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Bathed in Sunlight...

The curtains barely move, Yet the cold draught in the room is too much bare, So cold so that I don’t feel any hair!
The day outside is grey and dim As if the clouds have decided to do so on a whim! My shivering hands reach for my coat, As my doggie dearest sleeps as if a quivering goat.
These winters days are days I dread, But I have to earn my bread! So I set out, overstuffed and ear muffed, Hands in glove, the winter winds seem chuffed.
Blowing my hair in my face, Turning me into a hopeless case, Up above, the ominous clouds Sure do winter proud!
But winds of change were about to come, As the noon sun thawed my bones numb. Then the grey clouds ran for shelter, Their silent chattering aloud, they ran Helter-skelter!
The mighty sun made an appearance, And the clouds made haste for disappearance! My unsettled heart stood still,
Bathing in sunlight gave me quite a thrill!

A world without religion would be a great place to live in, won't it be?

Long ago in class IX, I sat filling a form in my calendar to be submitted to the admin department. Nervous as I was, I took longer to fill the dumb form but my partner was already scribbling things in he notebook. She was done ages ago. So I asked her to let me copy. I remember these details clearly as I was super surprised!
She wrote –
Religion – not religious Mother Tongue – Pink Annual Income of parents – Sufficient.
These simple details shocked me. I mentioned punishment to her what with us being in a convent school with prayers being conducted thrice each day. But no, she wouldn’t budge. She was like, ‘believe me, no one is going to notice!’. And no one did. For the silly me, this was way too radical for my time. I wanted to be sure of my religion.
Today, I feel differently.
Religion – a word today that spells terror, phobia, misunderstanding, intolerance and of course, terrorism. We have been raised to believe in our faith and respect the others. But nothing of this sort is happeni…