15 ways to generate good karma

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Someone famously said, “There is no escaping your Karma!” Yes, this phrase is very apt and applies to us for every action we undertake. Each action has a consequence. But what is Karma really? It is a divine, invisible power that balances our universe! While we chart our own paths in life, we are all linked because of our Karma. And through our Karma or the actions we undertake, our fate is decided.

In the teachings of Buddha, the law of karma is explained as, ‘for every event that occurs, it will be followed by another event whose existence was caused by the first action, and the second event that occurs will be good or bad according to whether it has been harmful or beneficial, to oneself and to others.’

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  1. Hmm.. insightful. i know of a friend who completed her pgdm with a gold medal.. nevertheless had to quit her well paying corporate job in the third working year of her life and the first one after her marriage, to tend to her mom who was taken to bed after a serious illness. Status quo - she now takes care of her mom and her lil daughter managing a job on a flexible hour basis. But even though it seems that life made her a bad deal, it turns out that many things that she has now, would never have been there had this mishap not occurred! Thankfully, she remains gratuitous to the universe for having brought her to this karmic point. I guess thats karma! :)


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