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What I miss about Mumbai...

Predictable aren't I? Yeah, the beer pint above is a jumbo glass of sugarcane juice and all for thirty bucks! This is truly what I miss in the unbearable heat. Mumbai is peppered with these tiny sugarcane juice joints, serving fresh and yummy 'ganne ka ras'! Unfortunately, Gurgaon doesn't offer me this yummy cheap and healthy delight easily. And when it does, it's best ignored. 

Apart from this, my list is endless. Mumbai after all is and will always remain my home. So are you a Mumbaikar living outside of Mumbai as well? If yes, then do share that one thing you sorely miss about the city!


  1. Oh yes. One of the best memories I had about going to Victoria Garden (Rani Baug) was passing by the Ganne ka ras shop where they used to turn those handles manually (motorised ones came later) They had some ghungroo attached to the handle and that was a real attraction.

  2. Ice cool sugar cane juice is always missed whether one is in a Mumbaikar or not.With lime and adhrak it makes for ideal drink during summer.In Chennai the vendors are scattered

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  4. Hi, Thanks for coming by my blog. AS it was with you this is the first time I'm here.

    Hmm sugar cane juice in high summer from the way side vendor. I ve had it long ago, but wonder if I can gather the courage to have them again and bear a belly disaster.
    What is sugar cane in Mumbai and Chennai , I guess is Lassi in New Delhi.

    I'd rather stick to beer in the jumbo mug you have,

  5. @Haddock

    Really the ghunghroo was the real attraction? Some still have it :) But Ganna ras is the best!

  6. @K Parathasarathi

    Same situation in Gurgaon. Also the quality of sugarcanes here suck! I miss Mumbai...

  7. @Anonymous

    Lol, am I your cousin? Thanks! :P

  8. @Anil Kurup

    You can still feast on it in Mumbaibut not in Delhi/NCR! Also, lassi is the way to go up north for sure :)

  9. one thing? thats all?

    you dont miss the utter delight of being in mumbai? the sea facing routes! wada pav? the taxis! oh so economical! the wind? the people? THE RAINS?

    well damn you :P

  10. @Destiny's Child

    Oh yes, yum it is :)

  11. @Raj

    I guess I will have to work on a list to assuage your out-burst! :P


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