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Yeah, they were all Yellow!

How do I define something that makes me instantly happy? Simple, I think of the colour yellow. Don't know why and when this happened but I love the colour and my inner being very much reflects the bright, peppy vibes associated with the colour. 
In short, I cannot say no to anything yellow. My papa agrees too 😎 
One of the songs I go back to everytime I need a mood-lifter, is of course, Yellow by Coldplay. 
Is there a particular colour that makes you feel so too?

What I miss about Mumbai...

Predictable aren't I? Yeah, the beer pint above is a jumbo glass of sugarcane juice and all for thirty bucks! This is truly what I miss in the unbearable heat. Mumbai is peppered with these tiny sugarcane juice joints, serving fresh and yummy 'ganne ka ras'! Unfortunately, Gurgaon doesn't offer me this yummy cheap and healthy delight easily. And when it does, it's best ignored. 
Apart from this, my list is endless. Mumbai after all is and will always remain my home. So are you a Mumbaikar living outside of Mumbai as well? If yes, then do share that one thing you sorely miss about the city!

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Little droplets of water slipped to join the tiny rivulets formed at the base of the window, giving the view outside a hazy look from the inside. Outside, the sky looked angry with ominous looking clouds trying to shoo the sun away. Funny, the weatherman had predicted a sunny day. But the now grey-black cotton balls high up there seemed otherwise. 

The wind, already wet with telling signs of a brewing storm, lashed mercilessly at the poor pedestrians running into the tiny chapel to take shelter. 
The church bell swayed dangerously screeching 'ding-ding-ding' in warning. With the last hint of perseverance, the sun gave in and disappeared letting gloom take over the hamlet. 
Having triumphed, the rain swept up as the wet winds whooshed through everything and one that came in its way. But Joe remained calm. Today the storms couldn't touch him. Nestled in the warm comfort of his home, the winds could not pertu…