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Struck by a 'Bolt' of Love!

Consider this my comeback post. As you already know, I love dogs. So do my sister and dad. But mom always remained neutral. Actually 'neutral' is a polite way of saying she stayed as far as possible from dogs. If she encountered strays, she'd cross the road, and if that weren't possible, she would stand still and chant mantras. 
We have always wanted a canine member in our tiny family, but mom would not have it... Ever! Much to our chagrin, she maintained a firm opinion of 'either me or the dog' for years.
Conversations surrounding pets always ended with mom saying, 'I have two of my own. Why would I need a third?' Or 'gift me a collar and tie me up with a leash!' 'Who will clean susu and potty?' The last one had stumped my sister and me always. We did want a pet but never considered it would poop and pee or bite us for that matter. 
So anyway, years went on and so did our pleading. My cousins got their fair (or more than a fair share) of pets, and we got nothing but occasional visits. Somewhere it was killing us, but mom had a point. We lacked commitment and how!
But 'getting a canine pal home' dominated most of our conversations. My sister and I don't have much in common, but a dog (shoes too) topped the list.
Would we bring home an Alsatian or a Pug? Or would it be a stray looking for a home? So many questions but only mom could give us an answer.  In the meantime, we talked about dogs more at dinner, petted every furry friend who came by and cooed over every pet we met.
 A miracle happened the year I decided to get married. Mom agreed to have a pet. Well, about eight months later Bolt, our shiny black Labrador came home.

Now you must know, we wanted pets but had never lived with one 24/7. So while we had read tons of stuff, taken advice nothing had prepared us for the complete riot Bolt is! Yes, we had nips and bites thrown at us, furniture, socks, shoes chewed up, walls scratched at and eaten too. Shoes ruined. The house smelt like a toilet. In short, everything was in disarray!
As for mom, well, she was living her nightmare. Bolt was so unpredictable that the poor lady never took off her shoes. She wore trousers in the house and was super alert always. This continued for about 6 months. But slowly Bolt won my mom over. 
Today, she is absolutely smitten with him, and he adores her. They even have their own code words and games. Funny thing is Bolt feels that my folks are first his parents (property) so I have to be very careful of what I do.

But you know... they are a happier family now. Bolt beats the stress out of them. They look forward to coming home because Bolt is waiting for them. Lucky for us Bolt is 100% potty trained and as a gentleman barks when he has to use the loo! He made dad go out for long walks and generally ensures there is never a dull moment. He understands Bengali and English. ‘Hungry Kya’ is his keyword for food. Hates the Kabutars. Loves everyone who comes home to visit and gets way too excited if someone happens to ring the doorbell!
Funnily now, my mom introduces herself wherever she goes as 'I am Bolt's mummy...' I guess I couldn't have asked for more. 


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  2. nice one. .. even more glad to see you with your come back post with a bolt!

  3. @Mihir

    Hey! Thank you :) Bolt deserved a post so here it is!

  4. Such a sweet tale well narrated!

  5. "They are a happier family now. Rays beat stress out of them. They wish to go home because they are waiting bolt. Fortunately for us bolt is 100% potty trained and as a gentleman barked at him to use the toilet! he made the long walk dad went out and generally ensure there is never a dull moment. Mr. learn Bengali and English. 'Hungry Kya 'is the key word for our food. Hates Kabutars. Expect everyone back home to visit and get way too excited if someone happens ringing the door! "all their joy is a happy one, they've gone through hard times to other lovable dogs integrate and understand the customs and behavior of this family, it's adorable!

  6. BRILLIANTTTTTTT post, Niki. We've always had puppy-love running in our blood, and we've always had dogs, but then, every new dog is a new challenge, and a new memory-maker as well :) Waiting for more Bolt to make more headlines!

    PS: Loved the way it ended. Dogs do that to families...make them happier.

  7. It is beautiful how pets change everything around you. :) Keep writing!

  8. @Mishree

    Thank you! Will do a post on Bolt's shenanigans soon :)

  9. @Swati,

    Thank you :) I will!

  10. he ate, my favourite woodland boots, my old old backstreet boys tshirt, all the slippers in the house. but yes, a dog is the best thing that can happen to a house.


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