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Struck by a 'Bolt' of Love!

Consider this my comeback post. As you already know, I love dogs. So do my sister and dad. But mom always remained neutral. Actually 'neutral' is a polite way of saying she stayed as far as possible from dogs. If she encountered strays, she'd cross the road, and if that weren't possible, she would stand still and chant mantras.  We have always wanted a canine member in our tiny family, but mom would not have it... Ever! Much to our chagrin, she maintained a firm opinion of 'either me or the dog' for years. Conversations surrounding pets always ended with mom saying, 'I have two of my own. Why would I need a third?' Or 'gift me a collar and tie me up with a leash!' 'Who will clean susu and potty?' The last one had stumped my sister and me always. We did want a pet but never considered it would poop and pee or bite us for that matter.  So anyway, years went on and so did our pleading. My cousins got their fair (or more than a fair share) of p…