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Practical Love

Men have it tough, I think. Anniversaries, birthdays or days like Valentine’s Day. Women, including me, expect flowers or some random gift. But a special day doesn’t get any ‘more’ special because your man got you flowers.

I realised this yesterday. I have been pestering him about flowers and a card since my birthday. Include a surprise cake to this as well. So since November, it has been my birthday, anniversary and now of course, the Valentine’s Day. Yesterday, however, he did surprise me; he got me a small bouquet of flowers. Pretty yellow Gerberas. I was delighted and suddenly it dawned on me that I was unnecessarily bugging him about flowers while I am not into them so much. I love yellow as it makes me happy. I hate red roses. I was more touched by the fact that he actually stopped to get me a bouquet in heavy traffic and he wasn’t well.

Yes, this is mushiest and the most romantic thing ever to me. And it instantly reminded me of Wendy Cope’s ‘Flowers’. Lovely poem and so romant…


Been close to two months since I blogged last. Weird feeling. No, I am nowhere close to shutting down Ire if you are thinking on these lines. I have just been busy. Life has been a crazy mix of things; some good stuff, some really horrible stuff.

Professionally, things are looking up for both of us which means that we have less time to devote to things we  love doing. I haven't been reading or reviewing or writing anything at all. Days pass by in a blur which is good in a way as it keeps me away from the personal shit happening around me otherwise. The past few months have been bad on the personal front (not between him and I, but the others). 

I am dying to go on a vacation. I want to visit Bhutan or Ladhakh. Wish me luck folks! 

P.S: I am working on a interesting post. Hope to update soon.

P.S.S: I was in Mumbai briefly, very briefly. I want more...