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The Purrfect Story: The Wildings by Nilanjana Roy - a book review

There are perfect stories, and there are purrfect stories. The Wildings by Nilanjana Roy falls is the latter and how!  Peppered with beautiful illustrations by Prabha Mallya, The Wildings is a modern-day fable where the good triumphs the evil in the end with some cat-networking and a simple but savage twist. If at first glance you think this is a book meant only for kids, think again! If you let it pass by then, you would be missing out on a fantastic novel, rare gem in our times. Suppose still, Harry Potter was meant for kids too, but you believed in it and so will you in The Wildings! Roy takes us on a fantastic journey through the lives of a cat-clan living in Delhi’s oldest locality’s Nizamuddin, giving us glimpses of their lives through many whiskers-twitching, stretching & snarling, and more. They live in perfect harmony, creeping through the back-alleys of the locality, away from the eyes of stray dogs and shielded from the preying claws of the cheels. These cats live a so-ca…