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Tumhara naam kya hai Basanti?

Not a funny post, mind you but if you still happen to manage a few laughs…well I am funny. Now I am neither Basanti nor it my ‘daak naam’ aka pet name anywhere closer to Hema Malini’s iconic role from this cult classic film. I just chose this as my post title because I thought it resonates my feelings. 

Imagine having to change your name. It is a terrible idea and the sense of loss can cause permanent damage. I remember while in college, Jerry Pinto, my journalism professor had asked an entire class of 40 women (terrible, I say!), how many of us would change our names. Now he was particularly pointing out to the custom of changing a woman’s first name as well when she marries the guy and obviously the ‘surname’ changes. I was horrified at the thought at that time. I couldn't and cannot even today imagine how another name would fit me. 

During the same year, a friend of mine married her long-time boyfriend. He is a Maharashtrian and she is a Punjabi from Himachal. Now it was a custom…

When Nature & Science came together - My first Indiblogger Women's Meet Pantene Nature Fusion Experience!

One with the winning team!  I am never good at keeping promises that involve spending time away from home (hubbytoo) on Sundays. Unfortunately for me, many a blogger meets have happened on Sundays. While I signed up for most of them, I never made it to either of the venues.  My loss completely and now I know how! And this is why I am really glad I pushed myself to attend the 'Pantene Nature Fusion Women's Indiblogger Meet'.
On a fine Sunday morning I happily hopped into the Delhi Metro heading toITC Sheraton, Saket. As luck would have it, I found the first Metro station crowded, so much so that the queue for tickets snaked out till the auto stand (not exaggerating, I swear). Plus, my Metro card had no balance and was far off the validity date to be recharged. Thankfully He was close by to rescue me, driving me up to the next empty Metro station. So my late entry into the meet has ‘blame-the-mismanaged-Delhi-Metro-ticket-counter’ written all over it. 
I was late yet when I en…
This is a 'nameless' post. I cannot bring myself to name it. If you ask me why, I could quickly crumble into a heap of tears (I don't care if this doesn't sound right!) and bawl my heart out. 
Remember my previous post about having a pet? Well, just my luck that my folks back home decided to finally give the nod to welcome a cute little Labrador pup. This was to be my sister's 25th birthday surprise and believe me when I say I was jealous for the very first time! I even ranted at my father saying he had to wait till I get married and then agree for a dog! Were they not listening when I begged for one as well? But not everything ends well, does it? We had the pup for a mere seven days. A cute little beige Labrador, we called Bolt. He was jumpy, nippy, cuddly and so much more. 
But god had different plans. Simply a week later the pup left us. Stopped breathing after a bout of ill health. Just when we thought he was recovering, he gave up. I wasn't around when they …