My pet woes

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For years I have argued with mum and dad in vain. I have a vested interest in going for long walks to Worli Sea face and Five Gardens. I rush to my aunt’s house only for one reason. Dogs - I love them.

For the longest time, I can remember I have never wanted anything as much as I have wanted a pet dog. Stray dogs, strangers’ dogs or any random dogs, are as much important. If I happen to spot one, I will go up to the owner, strike-up a conversation or I’d cross the road to pet it or walk faster to catch up with the dog and his walker or do something to go up to it and give it a friendly pat.

I am happy to sit down on footpaths, to scratch an ear or part with tummy rubs to lonesome yet lovable strays. I have read everything I could get my hands on - about dogs. I listen and participate in every conversation about dogs too. In fact, much to my hubby’s chagrin, dinner conversations at my father’s is all about dogs!
However, I had never ventured into a pet shop before. Why you may ask, only because it would break my heart walking out of there empty-handed. Hence, I stayed away.

But last Saturday I decided I was matured enough to go take a look. So I set out, casually scanning the market first, trying to make the most of the 15 minutes I had before my hubby got done with his haircut.

Once near the pet store, I saw many cages piled on top of the other. These contained white mice and beautiful yet sad, lovebirds or exotic birds. One even had some hummingbirds in it. While it seemed they flitted around, twittering happily, they somehow seemed lost. Call it my imagination, but they looked so lost. So much so that they wouldn’t know what to do if their cage was opened and they could fly away! No wonder these beautiful birds with clipped wings fall prey to animals if they happen to escape or are set free.

I can’t say much about the mice though. With food and water around them, they continued to sleep.

This pet store is set up in the basement while a few cages are kept outside to attract customers. I could hear a few people trying to get a bird to talk to them.  As I stepped into the store I saw a cockatoo perched in its cage, eyes tightly shut as if trying to avoid the annoying customers surrounding its enclosure. It wouldn’t move, and the three idiots around it wouldn’t budge too. 

They kept on pestering the bird, asking, “Are you sad Mithoo?
Say something na!” and so on. After a few minutes, disappointed, they decided to leave it alone. But because the bird did not talk, they reprimanded the store boy. “Tu ne toh kaha tha who bolta hai! Magar yeh toh goonga hai…ullu mat bana!

I wanted to interrupt and say, “Chalo jee, let’s put you all in the cage and let me ask you if you are sad or not!” But I decided against it. No point in talking sense or reasoning with such duds. They just saw the bird as a plaything. Locked in a cage, the bird or any animal is not much, is it? Also, who said each exotic bird was to be addressed as 'Mithoo'? 

Anyways, I moved on. I was scanning the store for some dogs. Having spotted five cuddly lab puppies, I took off! Fortunately, they let me play with them. As I took out the black pup (sleepy bugger), the little beige girl started to whine. So while she was eager to play, small blackie wanted to sleep. So be it. 

I played with her while I chatted up with the storekeeper. They were just 40 days old. I was totally enamoured with a few licks, nips and scratches! I wanted to take her home! But couldn’t for a variety of reasons. Dragged hubby back from the salon to show him the pups and luckily he showed some enthusiasm too. We left promising ourselves to get a doggy home once we were thoroughly settled.

P.S: If I happen to get a little girly home (lab of course) I am going to name her Zoey. If it’s a boy, then he shall be called Peeku! :D


  1. should have been titled as "my pet woes.. continues.."

  2. buying advice - look for the more active, energetic and friendly puppies when u go choosing. They are generally the best.

    And what a difference in names - Zoey ( from the TV sitcom ? ) and Peeku ?? 8)

  3. @ Mihir

    Yeah totally!

    @ Roshan

    Arre when I took out the lil girl from the cage, instantly I knew I would have called her Zoey. Not from any sitcom ya and also, Peeku sounds so like that!

  4. yea...why ppl mostly name their birds mithoo??

    its not even a cute name anymore...

    btw i have a cousin named peeko...and trust me wen he plays around with my stuff...his name does not sounds adorable :/

  5. Aww thats the cutest thing I have heard in a long time. I am sure you will have your own Zoey or Peeku soon. Till then keep doing the research amd visiting the pet shops as well as the breeders.

  6. @ Buckingfastard

    Lol tough luck friend! :P

    @ Sujata


  7. Nikita,

    I very strongly feel about birds kept in cage. If someone really love to keep birds then should build a spacious birdhouse with plants and trees to let the birds have their happiness. Even dogs need to be give the due freedom. We have been having dogs with us since 1983 and while at home we do not even put collar on our pet. Only when I take her out for walk I use leash for her safety. If you wish, do write to me for more at my mail id in my profile. They are just like family members. And they understand your feelings better than humans.

    Take care

  8. Nikita,

    If you find time, do read my posts of February, 2009.

    Take care

  9. Ah... you seem to be enjoying every moment of marital life. Husband busy in a haircut and you checking out pets! Wonderful, Nikita!

  10. @ Jack

    Hey! I did read your posts. You are a great guy Jack!

    @ Sneha

    Haha yeah! I am enjoying my married life now :)


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