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Domestic bliss

These days I haven't had the time to pen my thoughts down. Ask why and I'd say that I am happily cleaning my house every spare second I get. Yeah. I am sort of obsessively finicky these days. I mop and swab the house even after the maid leaves. If I can’t manage doing so in the mornings, I get home and clean between cooking. And no, my hubby while he totally appreciates this has never asked me to be this clean. But of course he loves coming home to a clean house.

Okay so that’s enough about my current ‘OCD’. Now back to daily life snippets. Like I mentioned earlier, currently my life has found a tandem that hubby and I seem to love and enjoy. Work is good and the house, of course is clean! But the people here continue to amuse me.

So he and I go out for walks (we are surrounded by parks and gorgeous row houses aka. Semi bungalows) and happen to bump into these three aunties on a daily basis. We don’t exchange any pleasantries but do get an amused look from them. Amused maybe because I prefer to walk out in shorts? Well, frankly every second young lady escorted or not, is walking around in shorts these days! They, of course, are busy with their saas-bahu banter and ‘kisne kitna bada makaan banwaliya hai…’

It so happened that one of the days, feeling the whiff of romance in the air, we walked hand-in-hand. Taking the regular route we walked past the aunties as well. That’s when I heard the gasp. Yeah, it was loud enough and probably deliberate for us to hear.

‘Haath pakda hai…”

Wide-eyed, we looked at each other. While I broke into a fit of giggles, he was plain embarrassed. With romance in the bin, we finished our walking and headed back home. And yeah, he wouldn’t hold my hand after that! Bloody aunty…plain jealous, I say! 


  1. should do that more often, its a daily source of laughter for the human soul :)
    Keep posting Nikita :)



  2. In an evolving city like Gurgaon expect such stuff to happen. You know when we shifted there in 2004, any girl driving/smoking was frowned upon

    Pesto Sauce

  3. Lol!!! "Haath pakad liya hai..." too much really!! Why dont you try kissing your hubs the next time, one of them will surely die..and you will have one down two to go!!

  4. nice one.. yup its their pure jealousy.

    on other hand.. i hope he is resumes to be back to normal soon..

  5. @ Jay Singh

    Hey thanks for dropping by! :D

    @ Sujata

    You know...I wouldn't mind but my husband is a super shy person! Sigh...hai re meri kismat!

  6. @ Mihir

    Yeah hehe...he is back to holding my hand. :)

  7. Yes, Nikita... you've got it so right on. I have the same OCD of late; though unmarried :D

  8. Awww!!! they probably did not realise you were a married couple? :P

  9. Nikita,

    Do not ever give a thought to such comments. Do what you feel is right as per your own conscience. Such persons will gossip even if they see brother and sister having a cup of coffee in a restaurant. You are in GGN, isn't it?

    Take care

  10. LOL!!
    this is so very funny! in fact i too have such stories ever since i got married. every time i'm wearing the suhaag bangles, women are ok.
    But the day, me and hubby are out casually, these women can't stop themselves!! I think we married couples should carry our 'license to hold, hug, kiss' everywhere we go;)

  11. Haha! I can imagine that happening :)

    Good luck with the aunties :p

  12. @ Jack

    Think you are up for a blogger's meet? We should plan something na? I am in Ggn and you are not far away!

    @ OldFox004

    Sigh...makes me wonder - kya yeh aunties kabhi newly married nahi thee kya?

    @ R. Ramesh


  13. @ Bondgal_rulz

    Hehe! I don't wear or follow any norms that a married woman should. So we were just a couple in shorts & tees.

    @ Amita

    Ha! Thanks :)

  14. @ Sneha is so time consuming! :) But I am loving it for sure.

  15. aww that so sad :) i totally get what your hubby feels... I know I get embarrassed easily even when there isnt a logical reason for it :)

    Shoot those aunties, I say ! :D

  16. hahaha
    teach those aunties a lesson!
    this time give H a peck on the cheek ;)


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