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18 Things I want...really!

(Reminds me of this song too from Oye Lucky Oye!)

Every time I think of things I want, I see boxes piling high up above! While the upside of these wants warms my tummy, filling my head with a lot of yummy images, the downside is that there may be very far from our realities. Most of the times we let our wants’ come in the way of our facts. I wish mine didn’t!

So when I read Supriya’s 18 things I want blog post, I conjured up so many images in my tiny head that I had to write it all down before it got me all dizzy!

So here goes –

  1. I want an increase of at least 3-4 inches to my current height.
  1. I want a beautiful nude shade gloss that keeps my pout pretty all the time. 
  1. I want long, wavy hair! All those blowing thousands of rupees on straightening should take a cue from people who have long, poker-straight (albeit silky) long hair. Very boring!
  1. Curly hair would do too.   
  1. I want a dog. No puppies. I want a grown-up dog, preferably a lab or a German shepherd.
  1. I want a cat too.       
  1. I want to be clearly understood. So much so that no can derive any rubbish from whatever I say and then use it to hurt me.
  1. I want to be loved (the husband is crazy about me. This is not for my parents, sister or my side of family)
  1. I want to be accepted for who I am. I am a smart, independent girl. Educated but not an MBA but decently smart enough. I am not fair either but decently looking. So I wish to be accepted just the way I am and not having to change for anyone.
  1. I do not want to be questioned about everything I do. So question banks beware. I just won’t answer your third question. The raised eyebrow is your cue.
  1. I want to be trusted wholeheartedly.
  1. I want a huge room (read really huge) room full of books.
  1. I want a job that pays me to read new books and review them.
  1. I don’t ever want weight issues.
  1. I want a universal license to travel around the world, explore and discover (just like Bond’s license to kill).
  1. I want a home (not house) where I can sit by the large windows and sip my chai.
  1. I want shoes, all of them!
  1. And lastly, a huge shoe wardrobe to store them all!


  1. Nice! Felt most things you really want are reasonable and feel you deserve them... I am sure you would get them

  2. I liked it!
    Now, even I am tempted to make my list...

  3. long wavy hair... curly hair.. Sigh. I just want SOme hair back on my head :s

    and I want the room full of books ( with the paid reading job too , only this time fiction , not medical books )... your room of shoes becomes my room of video games. been so long since I had that pleasure :)

  4. Amen!!

    Actually most of them are 'doable', almost all. Go for it in the next couple of years and make a new list!

  5. @ Mhir

    Thanks...only wish that some people felt that I deserve them too. Others, I am in the process of achieving them!

    @ Rashmi

    Who is stopping you? Make your list sweetie!

  6. @ Roshan

    I love video games too but I'd settle for a shoe wardrobe! Hehe

    @ Sujata

    Good idea! Shall try and remember it!

  7. hahaha
    good 'wants' u have :)
    loved them all, especially the 'raised eyebrow' bit!
    i know that look :D

  8. just guessing...u want a single home.? may ur desire be fulfilled in this otherwise nasty world/
    nice to read ur feelings.

  9. I'm already flying... Only 18 wishes? Wow. How minimalistic. :P

  10. @ Adee

    Hehe thanks and yeah, I love flaunting that look every now & then!

  11. @ Gunjan

    Everyone wants a home of their own and if by a single home you mean, a home with my husband, parents/family, then yes. Just that I want a personal space for me and for everyone. :)

  12. @ Sneha

    Lol yeah very minimalistic! Write down your points? Would love to read them!

  13. when i started thinking of the 18 things i want, i realized i had less than 18. and that how big a geek i am.

  14. @ Raj

    Theek hai...main jyaada lalchi hoon! :P

  15. Hope ur all wishes come true! :)
    Nice blog u have! :)

    Best wishes. :)

  16. Nikita, my dear, 18 things! No, at present I just need 2. Since I don't have a blog, I'm putting them up here.

    - A lovely phone with a great internet connection and a fabulous camera.

    - That I get to file for my doctorate soon.

    Hmm, :-)

  17. @ Sneha

    Wow, I am sure you can do that soon! Also, go in for an Android phone. Very user friendly plus superb camera.

    Just to let you know I have enrolled for MA in Eng. Lit as well. Hoping to get my masters done somehow :)

  18. Nikita,

    Wish you all the BEST though I always say that one should be happy with what one has. I back you up fully on the following :

    Dog and Cat,
    Being clearly understood,
    To be loved,
    To be accepted as you are,
    Huge room full of books and
    Job to read and review books.

    Take care

  19. Wow, Nikita. I'm sure you'd do very well. I've been teaching Masters students for a long time now - most of my undergraduate students who come for off hand coaching. Do let me know if you need any ... and I mean ANY help.

  20. @ Jack

    :) Oh I am happy and these wants are something I am going to slowly but steadily achieve on the way! Thanks buddy

  21. @ Sneha

    Of course I will let you know if I want some help. Thanks a lot!

  22. huge room full of books?? I want a small room cramped with books that smell moldy every time i open the door and sometimes i need to balance my tea cup over a stack pile of books..i hate shelves :/

  23. @ Buckingfastard

    While your description sounds good, it might also gift you some allergies.:P


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