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18 Things I want...really!

(Reminds me of this song too from Oye Lucky Oye!)
Every time I think of things I want, I see boxes piling high up above! While the upside of these wants warms my tummy, filling my head with a lot of yummy images, the downside is that there may be very far from our realities. Most of the times we let our wants’ come in the way of our facts. I wish mine didn’t!

So when I readSupriya’s 18 things I want blog post, I conjured up so many images in my tiny head that I had to write it all down before it got me all dizzy!

So here goes –

I want an increase of at least 3-4 inches to my current height.I want a beautiful nude shade gloss that keeps my pout pretty all the time.I want long, wavy hair! All those blowing thousands of rupees on straightening should take a cue from people who have long, poker-straight (albeit silky) long hair. Very boring!Curly hair would do too.  I want a dog. No puppies. I want a grown-up dog, preferably a lab or a German shepherd.I want a cat too.      I want to be clear…

Rich God, Poor Devotees

(Chosen as BlogAddas 'Spicy Saturday Picks - August 11th, 2012)
We Indians are an interesting bunch. There is never a dull day with us around and believe me, we are going to be around for a very long time! We are a very diverse bunch too. No, I am not talking about the diversity in unity and all that jazz. I am talking about the diverse ways in which we continue to shock and make fools of ourselves. 

India is a diverse country - we love this line very much. We chant it every time someone asks us to define/describe India. We feel proud and our chests puff up with patriotic love. Nevertheless, this love-shove is only for 'India' and not so much what makes 'India'.
We hate our fellow men/women/children. We happily look down upon everyone we think is not like us. We love caste/creed/race/wealth distinctions. In short, we love every divide there is to help us make better 'Indians'. However, there is one thing that we all love - RELIGION.
Yes, we love 'our' r…