Tragedy, comedy or both?

'In restrospect' - term or a phrase we love to flaunt every time we pretend (or not!) to contemplate our lives. So when given to mull over the past, how does it seem to you? Tragically comic or comically tragic?


  1. tragically comic would be pathetic, probably mean that i have made a continuous fool of myself all the way:)

    Comically tragic hmm cant figure that one out.

  2. Tragedy, tragedy, comedy and then some more tragedy. Sigh! We'd meet and chat sometime about our lives, Nikita. You stay so close to my house. Sending you my book today, btw!

  3. Nikita,

    When we do introspection of ourselves we do come across some issues which should not have happened, some could have been handled better and some which were blessings. So to just categorize in Tragically comic or comically tragic seems little restrictive, isn't it?

    Take care

  4. @ Sujata

    Haven't we made fools of ourselves in the past? Lol!

    @ Sneha

    I am just done with your it slow and nice! Review coming up soon. Hope you are not upset with me!

  5. @ Jack

    I agree with you when you say my point of view is restricted. But when I do look back, these two categories pop up instantly...

  6. Dear Nikita, No, not at all :-) Just eagerly waiting to read a blogpost containing my review :-D... Sneha

  7. No, not at all. :-) I'm glad the review is coming up soon... Eagerly anticipating the review of my book on your blog :D


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