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From A Dream

(Image only for representation purpose. The copyright lies with the artist. Not Waving but Drowning Fine Art Print - Trudi Doyle)

He walked, bare feet, on a mass of crushed sea-shells
Coarse sand clung onto him, he watched her
Afar; sitting motionless on a wind-beaten rock
As if waiting for knell

'Woosh-woosh' screamed the waves
Gloriously furious, crashing on the moss-covered dock
They came high, they came low
Yet slow, the sea so magnificent
they seemed insignificant
He watched her, sitting motionless
As if waiting for knell

Ominous clouds o'er head
played hide-n-seek with the moon
threatening to steal light till noon
He prayed, she'd move, and he'd take her away
somewhere warm, happy and safe

And then she turned to look at him,
Him eager, she like waif, smiled
his heart in blithe
Only to step deep into the waters
Now safe from the knell

(This is a dream I had recently)


  1. You've put it so well, Nikita. The dream seems almost surreal :) And btw, Now you know which post am looking forward to :-D

  2. Wow!! Love the imagery..


  3. Beautiful poem, it really is. And the girl in the painting, superb.

  4. @ Sneha

    Coming up soon and thank you!

    @ A Journey

    Thank you kiddo!

  5. @ Bob Bushell

    Wow thanks for stopping by! I loved your blog by the way :)

  6. While reading, it feels like a dream... coz I started imagining the picture...

  7. @ Surabhi

    :) And it came from a dream as well! Thank you!

  8. Love the movie i just created in my head!!

  9. @ Surabhi

    Write about it? I would love to read!

  10. Beautiful! Nice n vivid imagery put to words in an amazing manner. :-)

  11. lovely lines...nicely crafted!

  12. @ Sujata

    Thank you!

    @ Kalyan

    Thank you!

  13. Loved the dark element there! It's always great to know that you are not the only one with a weird mind and weirder dreams. ;)


  14. @ bondgal_rulz

    Thank you! I am a fan of the weird!

  15. i wish you could dream about girls more. i would so understand those poems more! :P

  16. Lovely penning of the dream:) Wish I too have lyrical dreams:)

  17. @ Raj

    Really? I should dream more about girls? :P :P :P

    @ Rahul Bhatia

    Thank you for dropping by!

  18. Nikita,

    OMG! What a dream!

    Take care

  19. niks..catch ya in august yar..same team same place near apna bazar..this time along with yr handsome hubby..what say..haha cheers buddy

  20. @ Jack

    Yes :)

    @ R. Ramesh

    Hopefully we shall meet up!


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