If you are not a virgin, you are going to burn in hell!

The other day while browsing through my Facebook news feed I came across this article. What made me read it was a friend's comment - 'Is this for real?' A comment like this one made me curious enough to read. 

And what did I read? This - Great things about being a virgin woman. Ha! What makes this article funnier is that it has been published in TOI. Now I understand that over the years or rather always, most of us have hated this news paper but articles like these take our hatred to some other level. 

This piece points out five points that are supposed to make one feel good about being a virgin. These pointers read as if they have been picked straight out of a religious scripture or rather penned by some foolish babajee. So here they are, along with my comments of course - 

1. No pregnancy fears. So a virgin woman can't definitely get pregnant. Haven't we heard something else in Mahabharata? About the pregnancy bit, even young women who haven't hit puberty, cannot get pregnant. 

2. No STDs. Please note, HIV/Aids is a sexually transmitted disease only. Medical negligence doesn't count in this case. And what if the 'right' man you marry passes something onto you?

3. No emotional trauma of a relationship. So if you are a virgin, you can never have a relationship. Also, does it mean that to enjoy a relationship women need to offer sex? Confused.

4. Your man will feel so proud and happy. That you are naive in bed? Or because you haven't had sex before? So having ex-boyfriends is okay. Nice.

5. You are pure as an angel. This takes the cake. No matter how bitchy you have been or how mean or have committed a murder, if you have remained a virgin, you are an angel. Hilarious. 

This crap doesn't end here. Click here to read more - http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/toireporter/author-Biben-Laikhuram.cms. Same author too. 


  1. LOL ,TOI is crap , and this proves it .

    Dont know what to say about the topic, but as usual a really well written one nikki.

    Enjoyed the way you showed your "IRE" on the TOI article.

  2. Nikita,

    Does anyone at ToI editorial staff read articles before those are published? I do not understand what made them publish this which is utterly out of time. The space could have been utilized for better issues, like what are the factors which make a relationship stronger etc etc.

    Take care

  3. @ Jack

    I have the same question, Jack. I am surprised with the content that goes online under TOI's brand name. This is absolute junk. Even ghost writers do better!

  4. Loved your sarcastic take! :) Can't agree more.

  5. hahahah this was so funny !
    your husband will be proud and happy :P

  6. They recycle their articles on low news days. Its good only for 'raddi'.

  7. @Sneha

    Thank you! You are ever-encouraging :D

  8. @Zephyr

    He did not even want to read the article beyond the second line! Yeah, he is proud :P

    @ Eye_In_Sty_In

    Now raddi ka pata nahi...but thanks to such articles one day they are gonna go bust!

  9. commenting anything about TOI is also an publicity of theirs and they take it as an encouragement... so i reserve my comments...

    btw... just noticed i need to prove myself that i am not an robot...:(

  10. Hahahhaha.... Utterlly nonsensical article!! Trust me there are loads of it!! And unfortunately, I dont wanna go back and increase ven the page views for the article for that matter!!

    No STDs?? The second place where u get the highest STD's is genes. They are usually passed on genetically because our fore-fathers couldnt control their Libido!!

    No emotional trauma of a relationship??? U kidding me?? We might scream and cry all the way for equality etc etc... but end of the day u want to go home to someone man!!

    Th worst of all are :Your man will feel so proud and happy & You are pure as an angel?????

    Its definitely straight out of some babajee!!!

  11. @ Mihir

    That is TOI for you! Lol. Okay I am gonna do something about the robot thingy!

    @ Surabhi

    Babajee or not but we are surely raising a dumb nation!

  12. Niki...

    I dont think its a dumb nation... we really cannot generalize from this one author's point of view...

    If you look around, we've got smarter, sharper people around us, esp. the generation after us... I would still like to believe its a much more healthier (esp. transformational) nation!!


  13. @Surabhi Pratap

    Okay 'dumb nation' thing was a bit harsh. But then look around ask who's reading what and then let me know...

    (I am neck deep in cynicism)

  14. there was a time when v reporters used to struggle for 1 month to get one byline story..now v can c for ourselves whats hapng in print media..hey i am not old..i am talking just abt 20 yrs ago..:)

  15. @ R. Ramesh

    Who is calling you old? At least you know what a good story is...and bylines, buddy people hardly read so no wonder we get such shoddy crap!

  16. The supplement that TOI use to carry even 15 years back used to be trash .. I author that use to particularly irritate me used to Sadia Delvi.
    But those were mostly like any other tabloid. Sub standard for some, but not for all... you know what I mean!

    But I have seen huge influence of TOI in two particular newspapers. Khaleez times of Dubai and Times of Oman.
    good to see you as a guest

  17. Maybe its one of those recycled ones (as some one mentioned above) "TOI 100 years ago"
    But the funny part is that many people still believe and follow this (and insist that their children too should follow)

  18. @ Sumandebray

    Being 'sub-standard' is the standard today. As for those who thinks its the norm, they are a part of a the dumb nation we are slowing raising.

    @ Haddock

    Ha! I cannot imagine children following these b.s norms in today's day and age!


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