Pain is just a four-letter word yet, when one tries to fathom its depth, it seems like a bottomless pit. You keep falling into it while the life in you, falls out. It can be so overwhelming that every happy moment or memory deserts you; leaving you weak, lonely and pathetic.

You want to grovel, beg and plead. There is nothing in it for you but deep gashes of wounds torn open for the maggots of depression to ravish the very innards. Then some day when all the flesh and marrow are gone, these maggots will disappear too, leaving behind a trail of sadness, remnant vestiges of pain and void. 

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We can only hope that the tears of anguish help us to regain ourselves.


The past week has been a nightmare. Every day brought along with it pain and suffering in ways I did not imagine existed. Just a week back we were preparing for my cousin’s wedding. He was/is madly in love with this girl and we were happy for him.

Our home was abuzz with planning and activities lined up for celebrations for days to come. However, other plans were in store for us. The wedding was called off. Reasons known and unknown were argued upon while we were humiliated. It is surprising to see a love story crumble, so much so that it makes you wonder how fickle everything is.  

Can a love so strong be one sided? Or the love is so strong that one blurs reality to an extent that the fine line between the ‘right and wrong’ is lost? Questions are what we are left with at the end. No closure will be enough as we have been scarred for life.


  1. Sad and surreal. Don't know what else to say.

  2. this is quite sad :(
    worse is that there is no theory or solutions anyone can give on how to deal with such events.

    I hope scars heal. sooner than expected.

  3. Nikita,

    Read 2 posts now. While one on Taxi made me smile, this one took away that fun so fast. I am so aghast that such a thing happened when two were in love and decided to marry. Do share what caused it as there has to be some external pressure.

    Take care

  4. @Himanshu



    Thank you


    Sometimes love can be one sided. True in this case. Might write about it soon.

  5. I somewhere knew this post was about to come. After being stirred, tossed and shaken so badly, we are all at our wits end.
    He is in my everyday prayers. May God give him strength to leave it all behind and move on........

  6. Quite strange...we end up asking why all our lives

  7. @Sukku

    Too many questions are unanswered. :) Wish I could write more here.


    Yes, especially after this incident, any answer will not be enough.

  8. some things just shut you up for good. and u can only just say, bear with god, hopefully hes thought of somthing.

  9. nikki..hey sorry i couldnot read this earlier..hey a similar incident happened in our fmly yar..

  10. @R. Ramesh

    Tough times, these... Please take care!


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