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Clouds of dreams

Clouds of dreams, Cotton-like soft, Float across the blue ocean, As if, dancing on tip-toes To the rhythm of sunlight
Travelling far & wide, And back again, only to Disappear into the night Reappearing as twinkling stars On a dark night
Clouds of dreams, Cotton-like soft, Lay awake in wait, Awaiting for you & me, To dream again and again, Only to reappear and disappear, Over and over again…


Pain is just a four-letter word yet, when one tries to fathom its depth, it seems like a bottomless pit. You keep falling into it while the life in you, falls out. It can be so overwhelming that every happy moment or memory deserts you; leaving you weak, lonely and pathetic.
You want to grovel, beg and plead. There is nothing in it for you but deep gashes of wounds torn open for the maggots of depression to ravish the very innards. Then some day when all the flesh and marrow are gone, these maggots will disappear too, leaving behind a trail of sadness, remnant vestiges of pain and void. 
picture courtesy: Google Images
We can only hope that the tears of anguish help us to regain ourselves.
The past week has been a nightmare. Every day brought along with it pain and suffering in ways I did not imagine existed. Just a week back we were preparing for my cousin’s wedding. He was/is m…