Looks like my cabbie tales get interesting each day. I met an interesting Taxi walah uncle the other day. After much persuasion of how I would have to walk at least half a kilometer in the hot sun and more jazz, he agreed to drop me home.
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Well this cab-walah uncle was full of tales to tell. He not only complained about how the traffic had increased, abused the traffic policemen and sneered at every other 'badi' or 'big' car on the road, every 30 seconds he took a quick peak in the mirror to style his 'Veerappan-style' moustache. Vanity, my friends, makes one do a lot of strange things. 

After a while, bored out of my wits and baking in the non-ac cab, I pretended to doze off while he continued yapping. Suddenly, he turned around and exclaimed, "Lo bhai, deklo, ajab duniya hai! Itni laambi gaadi aur baithne wale sirf do! Kaisa zamana aa gaya hai!"

Dumbstruck, my first reaction was to think of us, him and me, sitting in this tiny Maruti 800 cab! But before I could pass a snide remark like, 'haan haan kyun nahi, Maruti 800 toh bahut hee lambi hai...," he pointed out to a sexy silver BMW 2 seater. 

Sheesh, I was really the dumb one here. While we continued to crawl in Dharavi, the 2 seater zipped passed us in a jiffy. :|


  1. hahaha...I think this is something every mumbaikar goes through.
    Although in my case it happened twice with richshawalas. this one guy was talking about how education is so important and how he's saving up for his sons. The second guy was talking about how decently i was behaving with this (guy)friend who i was sharing the auto with! According to him all the couple who sat in his auto couldn't control the PDA! :O :D

  2. haha good one..2-wheelers r best solution..many a times i even prefer cycling..what a wonder it is..healthwise and env wise..how u doing buddy? waiting for the day to be back in vashi..god willing..july...this time v all willl take H also to the same place..

  3. @NIM

    PDA in autorickshaw is ewww! Lol

  4. @R.Ramesh

    Maybe this time you should come to Gurgaon? :D We will try our best to meet up buddy!


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