Auto-Cabbie Woes...

Imagine a bright, windy (read 'chilly' to me) Sunday morning when hubby and I decide to walk along the Shivaji park area. We hop onto a bus, reach Plaza and walk it down to the beach. After some not-so-brisk walking, pointing and laughing at some people (even you'd do it, so chill) and mentally promising my self that next time I be here, I'd have a dog, we get into a cab to go eat.

After a non consequential drive to the eatery, Mysore Cafe ( we ate tonnes of things here), and a few lazy sighs that indicated the ride back home was to be a cab, we hopped back into one. The enthusiastic cabby opened the door for us even before we could tell him where we wanted to go. So we get in and say 'Everad nagar'. He pauses and looks at us through his mirror and says, "Arre Sahab! U- turn maar kar jana hoga..." We then confirmed if he wanted to take us, to this he nodded in consent and sped us away.

Well, here is where the actual thing begins. While the cabby did drop us off at our destination, he expected we pay six bucks extra for the ride. Why? Only because he would have to take a U-turn. Is that my problem? No. Was I cheating the chap? No. But was I getting sort of mugged/blackmailed (I prefer the former)? Yes, of course.

Obviously we paid him only what his meter displayed. However, this extra buck thingy is becoming a norm. The other day I took an auto to work. Regular fare comes up to 35 bucks but the chappy told me the meter reading read 96 bucks! I almost flipped my lid. The funny thing is 96 is way to far away from 35 so the bloody liar gave himself away the very instant. While I handed him 40 bucks (coincidence na?), he refused to give back the remaining chillar. When asked why, he was like, "Madam, I am here to make some money. You obviously cannot expect me to pay you back, do you?" Bewildered, I yelled back, "Of course I do. I am not here to lose money!" Saying so I got off.

So my point is, why is the public transport system, the one we, Mumbaikars swore by, suddenly trying to fleece us at every nook and corner? Either it is the tampered meter or blackmail to get us to pay more. All these 'Meter down' protests/campaigns seem to be in vain. And of course, our Hazare jee has far more important things to look into.

Is Mumbai losing its edge or am I just getting tired of this city? Bah. Irritated and confused.


  1. Cost of living is going up , they have to make some extra bucks, every one agrees on this point . But This is definitely not the way.

    This is also a form of corruption called lack of supervision on these kind of people.

  2. :) happens every day here..ask people to boycott these guys for a week and no one would do it

  3. @Kalyan

    But there is a sort of supervision right? But maybe its not enough.


    Kya boycott? How many times? Many they should only have BEST buses.

  4. checking whether my voice reaches u from here..cheers

  5. So; finally, after this on-off game, I see a new blog... Hmm.. I guess its getting only TERRIBLE by the day. While I've been fortunate on this front; I know exactly what you mean. I've heard these horrid stories!

  6. i actually feel stressed with the thought of arguing with cabbies :( sheesh!

  7. @R. Ramesh

    Buddy, I can hear ya all loud and clear! :D


    Sigh...lucky you! :D


    Agreed it is stressful but then you can't lose out on the money all the time na? :)

  8. Nikita,

    Nice to see you back. Happy New Year, May this year be just the way you want it to be. I think this kind of behaviour is almost in all metros now. Unfortunately they have some sort of political backing it seems.

    Take care

  9. nikki kem cho yar..long time no c...

  10. @Jack

    Thank you!


    :D Majama...hows you?


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