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A House for Mrs. and Mr. Bhagat

Standing in the midst of dead cockroaches, washing a dirty dishcloth, I wondered, was this  something I signed up for or not. Definitely not the dead cockroaches bit! But then setting up a new home has some pros and cons to it, doesn't it?

First of all, I'd say I am very lucky that my hubby and I were fortunate enough to have landed this apartment which is little more than a 'room and a half' by Gurgaon standards and that too, on a shoestring budget! But then you can't get everything, can you? Hence, the cockroaches. Sigh, at least the house hunting paid off.

In a city like Mumbai, a home is a luxury and making a home out of a rented apartment can be tricky too. I must have looked at least 20 apartments before we settled for this one. Every house/apartment is perfect in its own way but just not the right one for you. For instance, I saw this house right behind the place I work. It was perfect; large windows, two bedrooms, a hall and a kitchen. Very neat. However, the rent bit was atrocious, so much that I hate talking about it.

I took fancy to another apartment. Very well furnished, nice decor and all that jazz. But I guess the owner really didn't like me. So that's that! Some were pathetic and made me want to cry. I had had a long day at work and then walking down a narrow winding lane, climbing up three-long floors, entering the flat made me cringe. So much work for nothing! Arrrghhhh...

Many a times I came back thinking I'd never make a life here on my own (with my hubby). Coming from a protected family (on both sides), my idea of a rented apartment was hazy. I had a tall order but my budget said something else. I felt as if I hardly knew the city I grew up in! Bah. But then this house came along...

Now when I look back, cleaning up the dead bodies is not that bad after all! 


  1. heyyy nikkkii...nice to hear fm u after a long time..first..congrats on the house..2nd say hi to mr H...poor guy..hope he adjusts to the fast and furious city of sure he ll fal in luv with it as he fell for u hahah..3. wish u both a wonderful life..stay connected and dont do this disappearance act..cheers

  2. home sweet home! now all you need is possibly a pet, a couple of babies and you are set :P

  3. Finding the right home can be a daunting task especially in a metro. The worst thing is the rent. I have been through it in Delhi and Mumbai both. Congratulations on finding the right one for yourselves.

  4. I recently missed an opportunity to meet Mr.bhagat here in Delhi , and you both moved to Mumbai Congratulations and all the best for both of you .

    And its like nikki is back with a good post !

  5. @ R. Ramesh

    Okay :) Thanks!

    @ Raj

    Next time log in and comment through your id! And babies are big no no for now!

    @ Vivek

    Thank you Vivek!

  6. best of luck bhabhi ...
    @himanshu - ghar saaf rakhna :P

  7. @Oldfox004

    Thank you!


    Haha! Thanks and yeah, Himanshu has promised to lagaon jhaadu! :P

  8. Congrats on the new place :)

    yes, house hunting is something that I dont facny much myself :)

    Have a lovely day :)

  9. @ Arv

    Searching the perfect rented apartment can be a tough ask and yes, I am lucky :D

  10. a dog then? maybe a poodle :P

  11. @Raj

    Do I look like a poodle person? :P Nah.

  12. Congrats Nikita, post some pics soon

  13. Nikita,

    Relax. Home is what you make irrespective of space or location. Try to be cheerful that you have a place where you can do what you please to.

    Take care

  14. Congratulations, dear! All the best to you two! Am going to mail you soon :)

  15. @Jack

    Thank you! The new home feels like home now!


    Great! Will look forward to your mail. :)

  16. dont think my comment regd..temme which blog i should check first yar..i am always lost haha

  17. @ Pesto Sauce

    Sure and soon!

    @ R. Ramesh

    Hey! Just note this - This is the main blog :D


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