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An Equal Music - A review

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An Equal Music by Vikram Seth (Highly recommended reading)
The world of music has eluded me for a very long time. I hardly have any idea of sur, Taal or rhythm for that matter. I do enjoy music but am ignorant when it comes to forms of music. Therefore, when I took up reading this book, I was sort of apprehensive. Apprehensive because I might not understand the essence, i.e. the passion for music, that drives the book forward or because it would get too complicated for me to go along further and so I would quit.
However, nothing of that sort happened. I was pulled into the narrative as soon as I hit page 2 and fast, I could read notes, mentally of course (i.e. again my knowledge is stunted) in my head. I had visions of Vienna - how Michael and Julia made music together, how they roamed the streets, hand-in-hand, enjoyed their food at the Mnozil and how they slept in each other’s arms every night.
The words are …