Lost in transition

Did I just say lost? Yep, thats what sums up my life for now. Between cooking, writing, haggling with writers (for money, keywords, language and much more), I am a nervous wreck. How did mothers manage all of this all the while? Phew...no idea and right now I don't want to know. 

I have this nagging fear that my blog is dying a silent death. I have five posts lying in my drafts which may not see the light of the day. Yes, some are about weddings and life after weddings. Fiction, poetry or anything relevant has left me. I am irrational about most things now and very emotional. Read - I cry at the drop of any hat (mine or anyone I know or don't). Crap. 

Marriage life is getting normal by the day and it irks me. No more violins heard in the background, instead just the whistle from the blessed cooker, is all I hear. Gah. Back to burning the midnight oil - writing the night away. 


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  2. press on the "restart button" that will give u a nudge to add some spice to marriage ;)

  3. I agree with tongue no more spicing up veggies, spice up life now! :)

  4. Nikki! About your blog, I think all of us are suffering from severe blogger burn out. Even I have been unable to post anything remotely nice in the longest time. Give it some time, and when lightning strikes, I am sure you'll be back to your old writing ways.

    About marriage life, doesn't settling down mean the ultimate adjustment? If you don't hear violins anymore, by God buy one, learn how to play it, and make your own melodies!


  5. you are busy all day niki. leaves no time for fun does it? :)

    keep texting him in between posts/lines. flirt. :P

  6. Iggy! so very right u are! :))

    Nikki - Buy the violin.. while ur at it get a piano as well :))

  7. Nikita,

    JAB PAANI MEIN GIRE TO TAIRANA AA HI JAAYEGA. Relax. You will get used to this pressure and pressure COOKERWALI SEETI. Keep writing, please do not let this die.

    Take care

  8. nikki
    nice to hear fm u...hows H? things same same back here..i could not make it bby this yr and feel sad..insha allah next time...so v cann all plan..u n H can reach there..baapre anywy a trip is far away as of now..so all the best friend..best wishes always

  9. hey ur married!!! yea sounds wierd now coz i came to blogger like after 4 months or so...but anyways...see its still fun...still ppl like me gets wide-eyed ans awed...and dont get settled soo soon...go fight wid ur husband...dat shud get it moving :P

  10. Very interesting post. Thank you for sharing. this is exactly what i was looking for. Keep up the good work. I really like your blog and will recommend it.

  11. You should write when you least feel like writing. The flow is much more natural, methinks.

    I've learnt one thing the hard way. Writing needs practice. If you don't write, you start to lose the flow.

    BTW, have you started doling out advice to couples younger than yourselves? :)

  12. @ SSD

    Me thinks...you aiming at something here? Girl friend? :P Nah. I not getting into the agony mode. Have to sort out my married life first! :)


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