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Dum Maro Dum - required a lil more dum, I say!

Looks like being crass is the trend these days that films follow and everyone seems to be taking to it rather nicely. Just watched Dum Maro Dum and the first 30 minutes of the film is really crass (for my ears at least). I'd say the name of the film is very apt, sticks to the plot all the time. 

Last time round when Bluff master released, I was a huge Abhishek Bacchan fan and this time round, while he does act well, he does not stir any emotions. Though, I'd say intense eyes. Plus he is really good in cop roles.

So this ain't really a review but me talking about what I liked and what I did not. So first, what I liked:

1. Prateik Babbar. Ubber cute! Yes, he is good and will get better with age!

2. Rana Daggubatti. He is good looking, needs to work on his expressions though.

3. Deepika Padukone. Super dancing, hot white dress and just gets hotter in each film!

4. Camera work. Superb shots - Goa never looked so amazing on film and Rohan Sippy has managed to capture the real essence that drives the film. 

5. Love the revamped Dum Maro Dum. 

And here's what I did not like:

1. Bipasha Basu. Complete waste. The emaciated look doesn't work either. 

2. Too many songs. Bah. These are the lowest points in the film. A film like this doesn't need so many songs. The title track is good enough to be run through the entire film.  

3. Very stretchy. Sigh...once the cops crashed the rave party, I thought it was over for good. They should have ended it there.

4. I wish Michael Barbossa was a real man or at least the name had a face to it in the end.

5. Aditya Pancholi. Okay the man can act but lacks the punch to be a ruthless villain. 

6. AB Jr.'s dead wife appearing out of nowhere in the forest. Most annoying moment that!

On the whole Dum Maro Dum is a good watch minus the silly glitches.  Time Pass hai.


  1. You just posted what exactly was n my mind after the movie..DMD is indeed a racy and pacy movie! But it lacks the zing! factor towards the end.
    And why do Bollywood still makes dead people wear white clothes?? Its time even the ghosts had some sense of fashion.
    Bips could have done a better job. Rana had a horrible voice-over. Pancholi was a joke in the face of the drug mafias. Ab's baritone did not do any justice to his monotonous cop roles over the last decade. The only one who took my heart away was Pratiek.
    I think the music was very good and so was the cinematography!

  2. I'd say they need to work on a more decent lyrics for the title song. It rhymes, but decency, please, children sing them too.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. @Tongue-fu-Lady

    Cinematography was excellent! :D

    @ Blasphemous Aesthete

    Ooooh...good point! Now I am worried that my nephew is going to be singing the song for a long time to come! He is 5, love Munni Badnam and Humka Peeni hai, peeni

  4. Most of our opinions for the movie are same.. However, I have LOVED BIPASHA in the movie ;)

  5. *Takes a deep breath. Counts to 10*

    Ok the rage seems to be under control now. I normally am not a pleasant sight when my seething with anger. And I get very angry when someone bad mouths Bipasha!! *Counts to 10 again*

    I actually thought the movie was fun. So I guess its my duty to list what I liked and disliked too, right? :P

    1. Bipasha: *Drool* :P
    2. Camera work: The only 'like' point on which we agree ;)
    3. Editing: Easily the coolest work I have seen in an Indian movie.
    4. Michael Barbosa: Honestly I thought the idea was novel.
    5. "Na aaye aaoge": Brilliant rendition.

    Didn't like:
    1. Prateik Babbar: Is it just me or does the guy have an irritatingly squeaky voice?
    2. Rana Daggubatti: Doesn't have the screen presence to carry of the leading role which he's expected to do at the climax. And how do u pronounce his surname? ;)
    3. Revamped Dum Maaro Dum song. I was never a fan of the original. And even the new version didn't appeal. Interestingly the only time I have heard people sing the original is at antaksharis ;)
    4. Aditya Pancholi: They definitely needed a cooler bad guy. Interestingly the only 'didn't like' point on which we agree ;)
    5. AB Jr breaking into a rap suddenly out of nowhere. Hahaha, I guess that was unintentionally funny. The song should have rolled out with credits, or just played in the background.

    I do have a very simple way of evaluating movies, if I'm not bored during the screening time, I like the movie ;)

    Forgive the long comment :)

  6. @ Kalyani

    :D I am not too keen on Bipasha. She is a hot model but not much of an actress...according me!

    @ Blunt_edges

    Lol thats really long but hey all cool with me! Hehehe....Bipasha yaar, no comments.


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