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The table is on fire...

Marriage. Bliss. Blunder. And blah. But super-duper fun. I guess that's good enough to summarize how my life has been so far. Very sweet to begin with, a little bitter here and there (tiny tiffs with hubby) and so much more. In fact I don't feel like I am married at all. Folks at the new place know what I am like and so, currently life is a breeze. 

Of course, I am happily domesticated! So much so that I am dreading taking up a job. Bah. Learnt to make parathas too. Chapatis have gone from square to round. Yay. Okay now enough about the domestic life. 

Now romantic life can be a bit chaotic what with me being jobless and him having a hectic professional (not) life! Lol. To skip to the better part, earlier today, my mum-in-law very fleetingly mentioned the 'first night'. Seriously, it was no big deal but her mentioning it and how, was super funny. However, the mention went as far as him gifting me the cool phone on that very night. 

But a lot more than gifting the phone happened. [If you are thinking you are getting any of the juicy details then, sorry!]

Someone had stated, long back, "You attract weird things, Nikki!" And that is so true. So the 'most' awaited night had to have some weird stuff too. 

So we landed at the New Delhi airport at 4 pm on 27th Jan. To my rude shock, it was freezing cold (17 degrees and very windy!) right in the afternoon! [My sister and brother had tagged along in chappals. We Mumbaikars, can never estimate how cold or not it is going to be! So 17 degrees is very cold for us.] 

But that very night was supposed to be our first night and so decoration planning was handed over to my sis and bro. While we enjoyed the garma-garam aloo tikkis in the market, these two went searching for red roses! [I absolutely hate red roses now!]

After dinner, while we gathered my bags [five large suitcases], the two disappeared to decorate the room. After much banging at the doors, pleading and finally, a force entry, we were inside the room. Hilarious. That was my first reaction. Soon Him and I were left alone as we took in what was in store for us. Silken bed spread. Cushions, a large teddy sitting right in the middle of the bed and of course, the red roses, some plastered on the wall and many on the bed. And a bunch of gel candles. Okay that was a lot of hard work they had put in. Sweet. 

But here is the sob story. We just wanted to crash...super tired after a three-day long wedding function. I got pricked by the thorns on the bedspread. The roses, freshly sprinkled with water, caused our bed to turn ice cold. Brrrrrrrr.....after throwing all the fancy stuff, we slept like logs. However, the hubby woke me up soon. 

Sitting upright, with my eyes shut, I asked him what had happened. He, for the most part of it, remained dumbfounded and kept pointing at the table. Now I could not see that, could I? So I asked again and he exclaimed, "The table has caught fire!!!" WTF moment. 

How does the table catch fire? Silly me, the candles. The gel candles had melted and gelled together as one big candle. Plus they had not removed the cover so the entire thing, along with the plastic cover, caught fire. Sleepy as he was, he could not understand what to do! 

"Douse it with water!" is all I said. Bah. That was it. The candles were off and the table burnt. And I of course went back to sleeping. 


  1. HAHAHAHAHA... the table caught fire!! what an awesome start I say! :D

  2. Oh, what an experience... This is one thing that I oh-so-not-like about our never ending customs. At the end of it all, everyone's having a ball, except the bride and bridegroom. Cause the entire wedding is so long and stretched that there's no "couple space" that one gets.
    Anyway, Nikita, I'm very happy for you. And good to know you are gelling well with the in-laws too!

  3. Congratulations first of all, and then

    LOL, so the table was on fire when the hearts should have been :P Some substitution!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Ire...

    The table is on fire...

    This rhymes :)

    And good to see you back on the blog...

  5. @ Zephyr

    LOl...totally awesome start!

    @ Sneha

    I totally agree with you. Too many customs and they are very tiring. :D

    @ BA

    Yup...something like that! Cold can kill the romance.

  6. @ Meandering Mind

    Ahh...I am always happy to see you comment!

    @ Kalyan

    Yeah, big LOL that!

  7. Thanks fr ur visit..I loved ur blogs..this post made me laugh..i like the way you narrate things, a brilliant use of present tense..see u again..

    did u notice, like u I also had mentioned chapati in my latest post..coincidence na?

    wish u a happy married life..happy living with hubby

  8. @ Tomz

    Hey thanks! I am following you now!

  9. LOL! Eventful night indeed! In some way you can say you made the room (well, at least the table) go up in flames! ;)

    All the beat for your married life! :) Way to go dearie!!!


  10. LOL!!! Congratulations gal and I love you. I came dreading mush. This was an awesome read. Cheers :)

  11. @ AshenGlow

    Oh we made the room smoking know what I mean! :P ;)

    @ Choco

    Mush is last thing on my mind...thanks! :D

  12. @ Pranavam

    Thanks a lot!

  13. You told me so many things and missed THIS!!!!

    But seriously... the table caught fire. ROFLMAO!

  14. That was hillarious... God bless you both.

  15. @ Creation

    haan! Lol...the lamination is ruined.

    @ Vivek

    Thanks! :D

  16. LMAO. happily domesticated means no more fires after that i presume :P

  17. :D hahahhaahahha !! good read.. i already read it twice. HILARIOUS ! congratulation x boss :P :D

  18. n thats one hot suhag raat!
    where is the hubby's comment?
    wonder what stories i'll share???

  19. @ Deepika Jayasurya

    Hey thanks!

    @ Vinnie

    Hot it was! LOl...Hubby did read it though...

  20. Good post, not like the cheesy ones, i often come across on love. And a very captivating style uve got.

    Keep sharing! :)

  21. @PsycheBubbles

    Hey thanks!

  22. Haha, very nicely done!
    Neat job with the blogs :)
    And wish you a "happily ever after"!

  23. Nikita,

    I think this is my first visit. So let me start with MAY GOD BLESS YOU BOTH WITH MANY MANY YEARS OF TOGETHERNESS FULL OF LOVE, FUN, HAPPINESS, SUCCESS, HEALTH, JOYS AND PEACE. Had a good laugh at your post on Titanic. And this was factual as after all the hustle & bustle of marriage only thing what all look for is shuteye. What an experience to wake upto!

    Take care

  24. @Sucheta

    Thanks ya!




    Totally some experience we woke up to! :D


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