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And the Titanic sank!

[Pic taken only for editorial purposes. I am not the copyright holder of the pic!]

Recently I was browsing through my hard disk and I came across this long forgotten folder. I clicked to see what it held. ‘Titanic’. It was the film ‘Titanic’. I am not much of a movie person but this film was a good one. It had Leonardo Di Caprio who as Jack Dawson was very endearing. Kate Winslet was gorgeous in the film.

But this post is not about the film! It is about my cousins, the six of us including me. Now I was in the seventh grade when this very film had released. With summer vacations on, six of us had created a lot of ruckus, running out of ideas of what to do or play. So we were sent to watch this film. Now when I look back, I just wonder, how in the world did our folks allow us to go for TITANIC? Of course they found out about the nude scenes and the elaborate love scenes much later. And no, we did not tell them.

So it was a random day when my aunt packed us into her Maruti 800 and dropped us at the theatre entrance. Chints, Sid, Manu, Chandu, Ush [the youngest at 6 or 7!] and me, headed to our seats with a dabba of homemade popcorn. You see we could be pushed around while standing in the queue so we had to settle for homemade popcorn. Chints being the eldest amongst us [just 8 months ahead of me] declared that he would be looking after us and if Ush needed to go pee, he would take her. We all nodded in approval.

The film began. We dug at our popcorn. All was well until the first kissing scene. Look I belonged to the 90s and no kid I know or knew would have been comfortable watching people kissing so explicitly onscreen. Lol. Blushing, I turned to look at my cousin, Chints, who looked at me, stupefied, we looked down and giggled. Bah.

The film proceeded. And now came the bigger shock! It was the nude scene! As soon as the robe fell at Kate’s feet, we heard a lot of shifting and giggling. So I turned again only to see [in horror] that Manu and Sid had decided to turnaround, as if they were hiding from something. But the poor dears could not control their giggling. I forgot about the film and asked them, in hushed tones of course; to sit straight [shut their eyes if they wanted]! By now the uncle sitting behind was really upset. Kids are nuisance after all! He started yelling, “If you don’t want to see, at least sit properly so that I can see!”

Finally they both sat properly.

The ending scene, the last few ones where Jack Dawson, is professing his love to Rose, was the one I was eagerly waiting to watch [thanks to Caprio fans back at school, I knew about this one at least!]. But I could not see it. Why? Because Ush chose that very moment to go pee! And Chints, engrossed in the film, refused to acknowledge me or Ush’s plea!

What choice did I have then? I left watching Jack and Rose, hanging on to the piece of wood, while I took the kid to the loo.

And many years down the line now, when we look back and think of this film, we always roar with laughter.   


  1. wow..some child hood memories are priceless.. been into my childhood memory lane over the christmas day contemplating the place we started at child and what all we have achieved but childhood memories are fresh as not even yesterday

  2. @ Mihir

    :D Childhood memories are always special and thats why make our lives so much richer!

  3. Your folks let u watch that movie in a theatre on your own, that young?! They perhaps assumed that is was a Nat Geo version :P

  4. @RGB

    Lol...hahaha! They found out much later so you can imagine!

  5. :) LOL
    Super Fun days were childhood times, gosh i so miss my summer vacations :|

    We are good 22 people(cousins) :)

  6. This is one movie where everybody has a story related to......that gives me a good idea of making a movie Titanic aur kahaniya.....

  7. lol- we were all such dorks back then!!! i remember watching it at my firend's house on her vcr. her dad kept fast forwarding those parts...

  8. if only i din have to pee :P


    awesome <3

  9. @Rashmi

    I have amazing memories of my summer vacations! Will write about some more soon...


    Haan bilkul...write!

    @Little Girl Lost

    Haha fast dad wouldn't even think of screening the film for us back then!

  10. @A Journey

    Yeah... :| LOl. I love you!

  11. hahaha!
    these days i also am travelling down the memory lane, have a similar story of mine to tell about 'Body of Evidence' featuring Madonna! of all people :D
    thanks for the post, it was enjoyable and i felt a part of it :)

  12. yea, i know....when in school,i was all blush-y blush-y when our old-1980s BPL TV showed kissing scenes while wathcing movies with parents.....the air would suddenly become so still happens, when we watch HBO back home in India....I watched Tinatic all alone,as i like to watch most movies alone bcoz i dont like anyone distracting me...but it hardly had any nude scenes( i was waiting with open eyes)in the censored film shown in Theaters....i watched the uncensored Titanic on DVD and it showed real tits of kate winslet. Imagine my parents would faint at such a sight....So my advice,never watch uncensored Kate winslet movies with parents, you can be in for some awkward surprises......'The reader' had her full nude scene, which showed even her private parts.....Imagine!

  13. And BTW i was in my Teens and i Bunked college to watch the film...i just remembered. I was in Chennai, yea, chennai it was.And i cried watching the movie, which i still do for some movies......and the movie stayed with me for almost a month....awwwwhh, nostalgia

  14. The matchless message, is interesting to me :)


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