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Amidst umpteen cups of coffee, cackles of laughter, poor jokes cracked, told and untold stories, my trousseau packing continues...

So far no one has noticed that its 3:00 am!

Just nine more days to go! On the outside, I seem to put on this brave front, no tears, no nostalgia nor fear. But on the inside, there is a storm waiting to break loose. It is going to be tough...very tough. The three days of mehendi, sagai-sangeet and then the wedding. The bidaai is going to be the most difficult one. I am not sure how I am going to handle it all. Mom crying, dad shedding silent tears, sister looking on frantically...its going to be weird. 

And before the dam breaks loose, there is so much to look forward to!  The crazy sangeet-dance sessions have begun. Food, clothes, jewelery, decoration being discussed. What pranks lie in wait...well only time will tell! 

[This is my last post before I tie the knot...more will come in the form of words and images!]


  1. It is going to be tough...very tough..

    and fun! loads of it! and then life will come at you! with all its tricks and all. but you will make it through. and in the process, there will be someone to guide you, aid you, hold your back :)

    congratulations lady. :)

  2. A huge CONGRATULATIONS buddy :)
    Wishing u lotsa joy! And noone's invited me yet :P

  3. Hmmm, so u r going through the same turmoil like the one i went through a year back.

    If u r nervous - Just dont get into any details (same was told to me a day before my wedding by you mam)

    If u r freaking - Just chill, these are ur days to relax and look ur best. No compromises there, right??

    And if u r feeling nostalgic - Just keep holding your emotions back and it all will and should burst out on bidai, for good.

    At the end remember every1 is coming together to give you more memories of the biggest event of ur life, so do handle it all WITH CARE! Its tough, agreed.

    So all the best, C Ya soon, Ms. Bride to be.....

  4. @Raj

    :D I agree! Thanks a lot!


    Thanks a lot buddy! Email de do!


    Yup! I was the one saying all of that and now I need it too! Come soon!

  5. Hummm.....So many emotions packed into must be really must be going through a lot...God, i pray to thee-for strength, for courage.....I wish i could just slip through there, like air and comfort you, give you the pillar that you so much need.

    WTF! Its your wedding right....what big deal....Do girls still cry for Bidaai? I seriously doubt my wife...she aint normal...she was all happy and 70mm grin and all....MARRIAGE IS NO END OF THE ROAD....ITS JUST ANOTHER PHASE OF LIFE...YOUR PARENTS MUST REALLY BE HAPPY....FINALLY SOME BHOJ IS RIDDEN-OFF....jUST KIDDING..ENJOY THE WEDDING...IT HAPPENS JUST ONCE IN LIFE ( OR MAY BE TWICE-MAXIMUM)

  6. Hiya...

    oh I remember those days... exciting, nervous, all emotions packed in one string of days...

    trust me... it will be fine so just remember to enjoy them :)

    take care and all the best mate...

    have a lovely time...


  7. Just enjoy it Nikki, you are going to do this only once!

    Don't worry about the bidaii. The tears will come and so will the laughter. Moreover you are just moving to a different city, you can come and stay with your parents any time you feel like it.

  8. Enjoy your wedding, though at that time it might seem that you and your hubby are the only ones not enjoying it.
    And best wishes for a prosperous marital life ahead.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. Dear dear!... Someone's going the wedding way! Congratulations sweety. Have a beautiful day and a beautiful life! And dont worry.. most of friends were so nervous about the whole thing that they couldnt cry when the time came! :D


  10. @ZB

    Dude! Lol...your wife is super cool...I cried my eyes out!


    Its been a month since the wedding and I am loving every moment of it!



  11. @Zephyr

    I sure did!


    Thanks a ton for the wishes buddy!


    The dam soon broke loose! :D


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