Two left feet...

Sigh, one realises the value of what one has lost only when its finally gone. So true and one does pay heavily for it. Recently at the gym [a huge mistake!] while doing some stretching exercises, I was reprimanded by the gym instructor. 

I could barely do the exercises at all. Why? Because I had given up dancing. I had, in the past always taken pride in the fact that I was a good dancer; agile and flexible. But its been a good four years since I attempted anything to do with dance. I was a part of the SDIPA as well. 

Now as the wedding day is closing in, I am planning to perform for him on our Sangeet but no clue how far I am going to succeed. 


  1. Wow....Dance for own wedding...that's awesome....i wish i were invited.Are there gonbe booze as well? Enjoy.

  2. Hey Nikki... I was a part of SDIPA and learnt Bharatnatyam too. I'm in the same boat as you, except for the marriage bit.

    All the best :-)

  3. @ Whiskey

    you know I had a gut feeling you'd be one of the first to comment and comment, you did! :P :P

    @ ZB

    Sorry no booze!

    @ Sneha

    I always wanted to learn Kathak! :\ but I am looking forward to the sangeet!

  4. well, i dont like being predictable, but lemme be honest, when people think you are hot shit what option do you have but to come up to their expectations? :P

  5. I was never a good dancer and envy those who dance well; could never shake myself really


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