My wedding website!

Dear All,

Given the free time on hand I have these days, I channeled my otherwise wasted energies towards creating this wedding website. So do have a look and let me know what you think!

Himanshu and Nikki


  1. Wow, someone is truly enjoying getting married....I remember my marriage was the most anxious and stressful time in my life. loads of worrisome she invade my privacy, god- will have to share space and room with someone, OMG - i will not be able to enjoy gawking at all the pretty girls in those malls, how will i flirt and will my married status change my life etc...but then i took my marriage too seriously....but married life is GREAT. It feels great to share your life, all those anxiety and worries are silly, you realize it late in life like most things inm life. CONGRATS.....:)

  2. beautiful.... Truly loved it... your hardwork was evident...

    Congrats sweety...

    PS: I am not very good at praising openly.. I am at a loss of words but I really liked the page.. Oh God, I still do not know what more to say.

  3. @ ZB

    :) thanks!

    @ Chanz

    Awww thanks ya!

  4. read this post today.. what a beautiful website, it just made me "awwww.." when I read your love story..congratulations girl!


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