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M? Sacrilege!

Recently, while at the mall, scenes from the film Confessions of a Shopoholic flashed in my mind but not in the way in which Isla Fischer would feel about the clothes! Now that was a film most women could agree with; it is not clothes, however, that I am talking about here but the ‘size’ of the clothes.

Size. That is huge, a huge topic for discussion! God, the almighty, sitting somewhere amidst the soft, cotton-like clouds, up above, created a simple world. However, since Adam chose to bite into that apple, life on Earth got more and more complex with each passing minute. And the question of size, is definitely complicated. Now coming straight to the point, I must say, I was surprised. Why? Because I happened to like to this particular cotton top, reasonably priced, but not available in my size. This of course, is not surprising if the top in my size, which is 'M' would have been sold out. But no, the brand simply chose not to make them in M, L or XL. Wow, that's new!

So I move on and choose another one but I am given the same reply. Interesting. This happened for a total of five tops I liked. And the store assistant wouldn't even guide. She just chose to stay quiet while I picked and then chose to nod her head in a 'no' when I turned around for help. I think she enjoyed making me feel bad...sadistic bum, I say!

I am an average sized person, somewhere between slim [how I wish!] and plump [more me]. I generally enjoy my shopping and the stuff looks good on me too. But scouting for stuff one likes and then being told that no, they don't make things in your size, is sad! I was actually taken aback. It feels like you are being scolded. Bah.

Women are conscious of their weight, looks and so much more all time. Not everyone looks great at size Zero or say at size L or M. But well, some people like me are comfortable where they are and how they are. I know my previous post spoke about my Gym rant but then I ain't becoming the next skinny model in a month's time! So what's with the fixation for sizes XS and S, only? Does this mean that women/girls who are slim/thin/wafer thin, have the right to wear the best and the ones who are a step forward at M, should stick to loose, flowy clothes? Bloody hell. 

This wasn't all. At the mall, I came across another store that had some really pretty dresses. But one look at the mannequin told me to stay away. They were clearly meant for women who were contesting to be the next Miss India. 

So is this the new trend? Like Size Zero was? Or being an M or an L would mean no shopping at stores for clothes? Trend or no trend, it ruined my evening for sure. 


  1. and that too that Indian women are much smaller than western or Middle eastern ones.Your size wasn't available? Then they would go bankrupt if they were to open a boutique in europe and ME.Believe me, speaking as an great admirer and connoisseur of women in most sizes i can safely say that size zero is a movies and model world phenomenon.....other than on film stars or fashion models no one admires size zero....all men like voluptuous and sizable women, women who look heaLTHY AND normal...... and by the photos i saw of ur wedding website, any further weight loss would make you look straight out of the sets of some movie based on the GREAT BENGAL famine.

  2. Most of the Shiv Sainik's wives wud not be size M or lower. Let us tell them this? What say? ;)

  3. @ ZB if I lose some weight I won't look famished but yeah...that did make me smile! :D

    @ Himanshu know some from the clan kya?

  4. Can imagine your state as I suffer the same... Here every mall is full of clothing for size s and Xs..poor me.I can hardly shop :(
    Be satisfied with your need to give in to the trend

  5. aiyoda. so much fuss. although i want to complain too. even in the s and xs sizes they have for a particular body type only. some high end brands make clothes only for some people.. but there many things you and I and the likes can still buy..

    chill maidummmmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. what do you need clothes for?
    i mean don't you have enough already? :P

    okay harsh luck. maybe you should try some new malls. and workout. and stop eating. and diet.

    now you cant do that, so quit complaining. find better brands. :)

    most good brands make everything for everyone.

  7. @ Tahera


    @ A Journey

    Me fussing ha? Remember trying out the stuff you like and then they looking funny on you? LOl. Yeah body types and all...

    @ Raj

    Have you ever gone shopping with a girl? And I am getting married remember?

  8. naah. too smart to try that.

    marriage. of course.

  9. @ Raj

    Lol agar abhi smart ho toh bahut jaldi hee time ayega! God help you if turns out to be fussy shopper!

  10. if its a fussy shopper, i will tell the shop waala we have some obscenely expensive amount of shopping to do and we dont have much time.
    the rest he will handle :P

  11. i dont want to sound gender snob but sometimes i am just happy to born as a guy...means the fatter you get...more clothes are available for u :D

    hard luck woman!!

  12. You are right!
    I am a M too and most clothes I see are in S or XS. And what surprises me even more is that I hardly see women of that size around me. So where do the real women go to shop? And also, do these clothes manufacturers end up making any money?

  13. I experienced this today, i almost stopped myself from crying.
    I wonder some years down the line i will have any clothes left for me to wear :(

  14. I generally enjoy my shopping and the stuff looks good on me too

    lol, a little self indulgence!

    but yes very odd to not even have an 'm'
    pretentious ass store i say, boycott it!

  15. I couldn't comment on your works... had to put it up here :)

    Must confess the Ishu Patel interview was an inspirational read. I am thankful you (and animation reporter) took the initiative :)

    Greetings from a humble fan :)

  16. @ Raj

    Itna asaan nahi hai dost...try kar lena and then we shall talk!

    @ Aparna

    Sigh... no idea. Sale maybe?

    @ Buckingfastard

    Not true. Again this depends on brand to brand!

  17. @ Rashmi

    No point in shedding tears for such duds!

    @ Raghav

    Hey a girl can say stuff if its true? :P

    @ Sami

    Thank you very much!


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