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Oodi baba… Part I

I had to share this…

“Baba, tumi-O?” asked my bewildered Kaka to an equally bewildered father who, standing up against the wall, could only stare back in complete shock. The embarrassment of the whole thing would register later. The so-called night was turning into dawn and my uncle was mighty pissed. The poor chap had been the butt of numerous pranks planned by cousins and that too, the night being his first with his wife. 

Weddings…are always great fun. Fun, of course at the cost of the bride and the groom! And my uncle had eluding marriage for a very long time. Every girl he had met in the past was either never good enough and if she were really good, he came up with a silly excuse nonetheless. When he finally met the woman of his dreams, it was love at first sight for him…literally. She is and was everything he wanted in his life partner. Lucky he…and now back to the night of phool sojja aka. Suhaag raat aka his first night!

Bengalis marry late or so people like to believe. My uncle was finally getting married and so the entire bong clan from the west [of Bengal] was invited and yes, they all came. The wedding was fun and finally it was time for the suhaag raat. Now to add to the fun and frolic, all the cousins started plotting and planning various harassment techniques.

To begin with, the newly painted bedroom was decorated with flowers [very filmy/Bollywood]. No flower remained unused! You see a basket full of flowers makes for a great hiding place! And so three cell phones, set with different alarm times, were placed beneath the flowers…

An old fashioned 2-in-1 cassette player was strategically placed in a way that it would go unnoticed and was left on the recording mode.

The bedroom window that overlooked a garden was left ajar. One of the cousin brother’s decided to hide in the bedroom so he hid under the bed. However, this was foiled. My then new aunt entered the room and shut the door. Poor thing wanted to change after a long day.

The chap underneath, as soon as he realised this, panicked! So much so that he popped his head out suddenly and this resulted in highly shrill shrieks of horror. A very shocked bride was weeping. My uncle rushed in, fists curled and screaming blue murder [I just love drama!]. The gang outside had panicked as their first prank had already failed. Somehow they managed to cool my uncle and sent the newly weds packing.

But this was just the beginning of the horrors they were going to face!


  1. nice start! do not leave such a mid way... complete the story (event) soon!

  2. Gosh !
    That's all I can exclaim... :)

  3. @Mihir



    Hahaha! You are going to exclaim some more soon!

  4. ya complete r u buddy? tc..hi to H..:)

  5. Happy single Deepavali / Diwali ... Its your last festival being single :)
    Wish you lots of happiness.

  6. Marriage must be a weird moment in one's life. You don't know how to feel, during that time and even after it. Right?

    happy Diwali.

  7. @Ra.Ramesh

    I will!


    Yup my last one as Ms. Banerjee but I am looking forward to celebrate with him as well!


    you nailed it...there is no one word to describe such a feeling! :D

  8. lol awesome waiting for next part


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